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From the CEO: Diversity takes more than open door

From the CEO: Diversity takes more than open door

Discussion Questions

  1. While watching this video, when did you nod your head in agreement?
  2. When were you uncomfortable?
  3. Why isn’t ‘being fair’ enough?
  4. How can you ensure people of color feel welcome and included in your organization, neighborhood group, … ?
  5. Have people of color risked stepping forward to raise a concern in your organization? What was the response? After watching the video, how would you change that response? How can you implement this change in your organization?
  6. How does your organization retain a diverse staff? How can your organization create pathways forward in leadership positions that are inclusive? What time and resources will your organization commit to making this happen?
  7. What does it mean to stay in the room?
  8. How does privilege impact the trust you are building in relationships?
  9. How will you try to make people of color feel welcome, valued, and heard in the next week?
  10. What is your reaction to this statement: “We can’t wait until we have all the answers… Waiting means we’re not doing the work.”

Download a handout of these discussion questions and further resources for this video.

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