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March Advocacy Action Update Article

March Advocacy Action Update Article

The 2015-2016 Wisconsin Legislative agenda was packed with proposed bills with direct impacts on Wisconsin women and communities of color. YWCA Madison is proud to rally advocates from around the Badger State to make our collective voices heard by our local, state, and federal representatives. Here are some advocacy updates on the legislation we have recently taken a stand on:

YWCA at Dia Sin Latinos & ImmigrantsAdvocacy Action Team members sent out nearly 1,000 emails to state legislators in opposition to anti-immigrant legislation that would endanger Wisconsin Latin@s and immigrants and everyone in our community. Many also took part in the Day Without Latinos/Día Sin Latinos and braved the cold to protest SB 533 and AB 450 at the state capitol building. SB 533, which restricts local municipalities from issuing ID cards to unregistered residents, has already passed the state legislature, but has not been signed into law. AB 450, which would eliminate sanctuary cities in Wisconsin, was stopped by the state Senate—this is a huge victory for the Badger state! YWCA Madison is proud to stand strong with our Latin@ and immigrant communities.

In November 2015, the team sent hundreds of emails to state legislators asking them to vote against a bill that would restrict youth from accessing school restrooms that match their gender identity.

YWCA and other organizations also spoke out against a proposed piece of legislation that would suspend a person’s driver license for up to 3 years for not carrying auto insurance, and thanks to these efforts, the bill was not brought to a vote. This bill would have disproportionately affected low-income people, effectively criminalizing them for being unable to afford private automobile insurance. Helping to prevent this bill was a big success—thank you for your support!

CapitolAnother bill to reduce the maximum length of driver license suspension from 2 years to 1 year for failure to pay civil fines was passed by the legislature, thanks in part to our public testimony at the public hearing. Another great success!

The Madison Metropolitan School District is reviewing changes to their Behavior Education Plan and to their in-school officer programs (known as Education Resource Officers). They have made tremendous changes towards restorative actions and away from punitive actions, and YWCA supports them continuing to make improvements to keep youth in school and stop the school-to-prison pipeline. The MMSD School Board is just beginning to review these programs, and we will keep you updated on any actions they take. Read more information about the YWCA Madison’s Restorative Justice Initiative.

Thank to our Advocacy Action Team! Be part of the change: join the team through this quick & easy sign-up form.

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March Advocacy Action Update Article

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