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2017 Moxie Conference Speakers

2017 Moxie Conference Speakers

Breakout Sessions

The 2017 Moxie Conference is May 23 at Monona Terrace. Click on the session title to learn more about the breakout.
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Presenter(s) Morning Session
Afternoon Session

Make Room

Sagashus T. Levingston
Own It: Building Your Brand 4EverMoxie: Mollie Bell & Beth Zuehlke
Demystifying Mentorship & Mentoring With Purpose Ananda Mirilli
Beyond the Differences: Improving Intergenerational Relationships in the Workplace Angela Arrington
Embracing and Navigating Conflict in the Workplace
Amy Gannon
 x  x
Building Power: Women in Office and Other Opportunities for Local Leadership Carousel Bayrd, Shiva Bidar-Sielaff, Jenni Dye, Julia Arata-Fratta, Mayra Medrano, & Sheila Stubbs
 x  x
Mindful Leadership Lisa Baker
x  x
Negotiation and Effective Communication Nicole Safar & Mel Barnes
 x  x
Bust Open, Break Out: Authentic Leadership for Women of Color  Annahid Dashtgard     x
Earn It: Living Your Brand  4Ever Moxie: Mollie Bell & Beth Zuehlke     x
Talent Connections: Growing Your Career Through Mentorship  LaKendra Adesuyi & Scott Lopez     x
Transformational Leadership: Engagement for Social Change and Organizational Equity Angela Russell & Colleen Butler     x

AM1—Make Room

Sagashus T. Levingston, Founder at Infamous Mothers

As more female employees put in the work to “lean in,” mothers are challenging businesses and institutions to “make room.” Create the conditions that allow women who care for children to thrive as professionals. Make Room is designed to help leaders across industries value mothers in the workplace/professional environment and understand how your business or institution benefits from making room.

AM2—Own It: Building Your Brand

Mollie Bell, Chief Engagement & Transformation Officer at CUNA; Beth Zuehlke, Vice President of Customer Success at Healthfinch

Through stories of disappointment and triumph, this inspirational, candid, and reflective discussion and workshop will introduce you to the theory of deeply understanding your leadership story; owning your authentic self; and, applying your knowledge to create a path for your future success and the success of those around you. It is never too soon to start giving to others. If we as women are ever going to achieve equality in leadership roles we must continually bring others with us.

AM3—Demystifying Mentorship & Mentoring with Purpose

Ananda Mirilli, Family, Youth & Community Engagement Coordinator at Madison Metropolitan school District

Finding a mentor and mentoring others can increase your leadership growth, build your social capital and create opportunities to exchange wisdom. Traditional mentoring approaches are less effective for women, especially women of color. Through an interactive and experiential workshop, participants will develop practical skills to create a pool of mentors. This workshop is designed for women looking for practical strategies to engage in mentorship.

AM4—Beyond the Differences: Improving intergenerational Relationships in the Workplace

Angela Arrington, Attorney & Administrative Law Judge at Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

Many generations exist in the modern economy. This session will focus on bridging generational differences that often arise with different work styles, technology, and communication in the workplace.

AM5 & PM1—Embracing and Navigating Conflict in the Workplace

Amy Gannon, Assistant Professor of Management at Edgewood College

Conflict is a natural and necessary part of life, whether in our homes, workplaces or communities. Yet, many of us struggle with how to embrace and navigate tense situations in ways that are authentic and productive. . In this session, we will explore the role conflict plays in creating better solutions, building trust, and growing ourselves. We will look at the pros and cons of different conflict management styles and the implications for how we engage as leaders.

AM6 & PM2—Building Power: Women in Office and Other Opportunities for Local Leadership

Moderator // Carousel Bayrd, Policy and partnership coordinator & District 8 Supervisor, YWCA Madison & Dane County board of Supervisors; Panelists // Shiva Bidar-Sielafff, District 5 Alder, Madison Common Council; Jenni Dye, District 33 Supervisor, Dane County Board of Supervisor; Julia Arata-Fratta, District 2 Alder, City of Fitchburg Common Council; Mayra Medrano, President, Latino Chamber of Commerce; and Sheila Stubbs, District 23 Supervisor, Dane County Board of Supervisors

Panel discussion with women in elected office or other positions of local leadership. Participants will learn about what is involved in the process of pursuing positions of community leadership from start to finish. Elected officials and Board Members will talk about what it’s like to be in those positions; what it’s like to run for office/apply for boards, what the time commitment is like, what areas of interest you can be involved in, etc. Participants will also hear about opportunities to receive support in running for elected seats and how to lower barriers and level the playing field by demystifying the process of getting engaged, and connecting women to the knowledge and resources needed to win.

AM7 & PM3—Mindful Leadership

Lisa Baker, Community Faculty, Social Innovation and Sustainability Leadership Graduate Program at Edgewood College

Mindful leadership concepts and applied skills and practices have emerged as a way to support leaders’ well-being, sustainability, and effectiveness in their work and personal lives. This training is an introduction to the application of mindful leadership, especially for leaders who seek to create and support sustainable and thriving organizations that aim to increase and embody diversity, inclusivity, and equity.

AM8 & PM4—Negotiation and Effective Communication

Nicole Safar, Director of Government Relations at Planned Parenthood; Mel Barnes Legal and Policy Associate at Planned Parenthood

This session will focus on skill building around negotiation tactics and effective communication strategies in the workplace with a focus on advocating for yourself in multiple scenarios, including negotiating salaries. Communication strategies will focus on The Conversational Approach and will draw on examples in the workplace including having crucial conversations, effective communication for supervision, and the promotion of self-care for staff

PM5—Bust Open, Break Out: Authentic Leadership for Women of Color

Annahid Dashtgard, Founding & Senior Partner at Anima Leadership Inc.

Many barriers stand in the way of success, yet within each of us is the strength to meet our fears, believe in ourselves, and trust what our gut is telling us. This session will guide you in making friends with yourself by tapping into your inner power and strength.

PM6—Earn It: Living Your Brand

Mollie Bell, Chief Engagement & Transformation Officer at CUNA; Beth Zuehlke, Vice President of Customer Success at Healthfinch

Knowing where you want to go is only part of the battle. This workshop focuses on key strategies for achieving the path that you have defined for yourself. The strategies will become personal through reflection and sharing of successes and struggles and applying them in the workplace. This session will include discussion of networking, mentoring, peer sharing, sponsoring others and how these activities help your career and help bring others along with you.

PM7—Talent Connections: Growing Your Career Through Mentorship

LaKendra Adesuyi, Senior Human Resources Generalist at InterVasity Christian Fellowship/USA; Scott Lopez, Vice President Human resources & Organizational Development at Credit Union National Association

In this session attendees will gain an understanding of the many ways that mentorship can positively impact employment outcomes for organizations and create opportunities for employees.

PM8—Transformational Leadership: Engagement for Social Change and Organizational Equity

Angela Russell Director, Diversity & Inclusion at CUNA Mutual Group; Colleen Butler, Racial Justice Director at YWCA Madison

Making real change during transformational times is challenging. In this session, you will learn about specific tools and processes that will allow you to embed equitable and inclusive practices in the day-to-day work of your organization. Presenters will share examples from the public, private, and non-profit sectors highlighting an evaluative process to ensure equity moves from theory to reality.


Keynote Presentations

Opening Keynote: Pink Hats, Power and Performance: Harnessing Emotional Intelligence for Effective Leadership

Annahid Dashtgard, Founding & Senior Partner, Anima Leadership, Inc.

Women in the workforce are only two to three generations deep. What is the impact of being part this recent vanguard of feminist change? What does it take to develop emotional literacy skills to support ourselves and each other? How do we balance individual agency with the efforts required to still break through the glass and concrete ceilings? Join us for this intersectional talk integrating feminism, psychology and organizational change suggesting steps forward, both individually and collectively.

Closing Keynote: Not that kind of Superwoman

Sagashus T. Levingston, Founder, Infamous Mothers

We live in a society that celebrates women for being super. Yet, martyrdom and sacrifice are too often the things that are seen as the source of our
extraordinary-ness. People write songs about our strength, paying homage to how much we endure. Damn that. I don't want to be that kind of superwoman. Do you? This talk is about redefining the terms of female heroism. It is about challenging and expanding the boundaries of who can make a difference in our society, reframing the faces and narratives of our sheroes to include women we call infamous. This talk is about pushing against the edges of our understanding of superwomen to include subversiveness and self care. It's about the power of taking on less and the rebelliousness of saying, "You do it." So join us, and walk away with a whole new set of superpowers.


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