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Letter Supporting AB 241

Letter Supporting AB 241

Tuesday April 18, 2017

Dear Honorable Members of Assembly Committee on Public Benefit Reform,

YWCA Madison supports AB 241 and appreciates the recognition that suddenly removing families from child care support harms families.

Currently, families receiving child care subsidies through Wisconsin Shares lose that support if their income rises above 200 percent of the poverty line. The sudden loss of child care funding has detrimental financial impacts, and parents are forced to choose between a wage increase or child care. Because quality child care is both costly and hard to secure, many parents turn down promotions, pay increases, or additional hours so they can keep their Wisconsin Shares child care assistance. At YWCA Madison, we know first-hand clients who have faced this dilemma.

Under AB 241, families will no longer experience a sudden “cliff” where they lose child care support but rather will be eased off of support through a gradual decrease of benefits as their incomes rise. Not only will this better ensure Wisconsin’s children remain in quality child care services, but it will allow parents to pursue and achieve financial stability through work promotions and wage increases.

Please support AB 241. We also hope the state legislature will implement a similar phasing-out process for other government subsidies, as appropriate. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or Carousel Bayrd, our Policy and Partnership Coordinator, at (608) 395-2196.


Vanessa McDowell
Interim CEO


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