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Job Training & Transportation

Women and people of color who participate in our training programs gain tangible job skills and access to employment fields in which they have traditionally been underrepresented.

As we look at the impact of sexism and racism, women, and particularly women of color, experience adverse economic impacts. By focusing on empowering women economically, the YWCA Madison hopes to improve the economic wealth of individual families and our community.

Women’s economic empowerment speaks to a woman’s ability to make strategic choices, improve her economic situation, and alter existing power structures that create barriers to economic justice. Economic empowerment is more than simply having a job. Our goal is to create economic justice that equals equity and fairness.

The YWCA Madison achieves these goals by providing employment and training programs and safe transportation solutions. Follow the links below to learn more about these programs.

The YWCA Madison's job training programs work with people who want to find, change, or maintain their careers so they can support their families and be part of our community's economic mainstream. To achieve these goals we offer a wide spectrum of programming, including:

  • Construct-U, a training program that prepares people for careers in the skilled trades and road construction industry.
  • Driver's License Recovery, which assists individuals in achieving economic prosperity and security by addressing the growing issue of the loss of a driver’s license.
  • Driving Customer Service, a training program that prepares people for careers in customer service and transportation.
  • YWeb Career Academy, a training program that prepares people for careers in the technology industry.
  • YW Transit and Job Ride, which provides safe transportation for individuals getting to/from work; contracted community rides, and safe night-time rides. 
We offer our job training training programs at the YWCA Empowerment Center. If you are interested in one of the job training programs listed above, please complete an application or contact YWCA Empowerment Center staff at 608-257-1436, option 2.
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    2015 Job Training & Transportation Outcomes 

    • 415 people participated in Job Training & Transportation programs.
    • 62% (44 of 71) of 2014 Construct-U graduates found or improved employment.
    • 69 of program participants who received case management reinstated their driver’s license while receiving case management from the DLRP program in 2015.
    • 15 riders were able to find a new job, 77 riders maintained their job and 97 riders attended job training because of JobRide.
    • YWeb Career Academy launched in 2014. In 2015 20 of the 25 graduates achieved paid internships and/or permanent employment.