Housing for Women

The YWCA Madison’s downtown location features affordable apartments for low-income women, providing a safe and supportive permanent home in the heart of Madison. Apartments are available to women who make less than $32,600 per year. Rent ranges from $378 to $735 per month depending on the size of the room.

The YWCA housing building is conveniently located on the Capitol Square, with easy access to all city bus lines. Both the Badger and Greyhound bus depots are a short distance away, as is the University of Wisconsin and the downtown Madison College campus. Twenty-four hour staff and a night security guard ensure the safety of residents.

The apartments range in size from single-room occupancy (SRO) to one-bedroom units. Renters in SRO units share a bathroom, similar to the arrangement in a university dorm. Each floor also features a community kitchen and lounge. The YWCA Madison building has 68 SRO and 12 one-bedroom units, all of which are furnished.

A food and personal care pantry is available to residents.

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Solicitud de Alojamiento 

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2012 Housing First Program Outcomes

67% (4 of 6) of Empower Home families who moved into housing in 2010/2011 maintained housing for at least twelve months or longer in 2012. 

91% (20 of 22) of House-ability families who have participated in the program for at least 3 years have successfully maintained housing for three years. 

73% (41 of 56 families) of Rapid Rehousing families who moved into housing in 2011 maintained housing for at least 12 months in 2012.

100% (21) of Second Chance Apartment Project families who moved into housing in 2011 maintained housing for at least 12 months during 2012. 

87% (94) of  Single Women’s Housing participants maintained housing.

100% (21) of families who moved into housing in 2011 maintained a Third Street apartment and/or moved to other permanent housing for at least 1 year during 2012.