Racial Justice Summit

Each year, the YWCA Madison hosts a Racial Justice Summit that brings together community stakeholders to work on eliminating barriers that foster racism in our community. The Summit focuses on institutional racism and involves nationally-known keynote speakers and researchers, as well as local experts and advocates. Through an environment that encourages learning from and supporting each other in our common goals, the Summit provides a platform for action planning and community dialogue. We invite organizations to demonstrate their commitment to racial equity through various sponsorship opportunities.

Save the Date: the 2015 Racial Justice Summit is October 1-2 at the Concourse Hotel.

Featured Presenters

Ian Haney LopezLoretta Ross
Ian Haney López is a constitutional law scholar, a chaired law professor at UC Berkeley, and a Senior Fellow at Demos. He is one of the nation’s leading thinkers on racism’s evolution since the civil rights era. He has written extensively on how once-promising legal responses to racism have been hijacked and converted into restrictions on efforts to promote integration.Loretta Ross is a co-founder of the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective and an expert on women’s issues, hate groups, racism and intolerance, human rights, and violence against women. Her work focuses on the intersectionality of social justice issues and how this affects social change and service delivery in all movements.

Breaking Ice

Pillsbury Players Theater—Breaking Ice
Breaking Ice is an entertaining and thought-provoking theatre experience designed to foster better understanding and communication around difficult issues. It’s a way to step back and get a fresh perspective while gaining a more intimate knowledge of how individuals relate to each other. Following the performance, Breaking Ice facilitators lead participants in discussions, exploring the tough stuff together.

Alexis McGill Johnson and Rachel D. Godsil are directors of The Perception Institute, which is a consortium of mind science researchers, educators, and social justice advocates who develop strategies to reduce racial bias and anxiety and to influence the public narrative through cultural conversations.

Call for Proposals

Thanks to everyone who submitted proposals for the Racial Justice Summit. Our committee will be reviewing the proposals and will get in touch by the end of June with each person who submitted a proposal.

Sponsorship Opportunities

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Summit Sponsorship benefits your organization and community in many ways. Sponsorship allows you to offer your staff intensive professional development opportunities with nationally renowned speakers and trainers.

Sponsorship will highlight your organization’s commitment to equity and diversity in the community and expose your organization to thousands of invited participants. Your organization’s sponsorship not only provides you with exposure, it allows us to offer this opportunity to the community at large with the intention of creating a more equitable and inclusive community for all.

Last year we had over 500 attendees from all around Wisconsin and beyond. We partnered with over 30 local businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions to present our largest Racial Justice Summit in the history of the YWCA Madison. This year, we hope to continue to build on that momentum and help individuals and organizations network and learn effective and sustainable strategies.

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