Family Shelter

The YWCA provides emergency shelter for up to 90 days to homeless families with children. One floor of our downtown housing location features private shelter rooms and a shared kitchen. A YWCA social worker supports each family to help them find housing and to prevent future episodes of homelessness.

If you need shelter, please contact the Salvation Army at 1.855.510.2323, option 3 in order to get on the waitlist. The Salvation Army handles intake for the shelter system throughout Dane County.

Consumer Notice

YWCA shelter policies and procedures


2013 Housing & Shelter Outcomes

1140 people (637 adults and 503 children) were served in YWCA housing programs in 2013.

91% (239 of 264) of households in YWCA housing programs maintained housing for one year or move to other permanent housing during 2013.

89% (117 of 132) of households receiving case management achieved at least one significant  goal in addition to housing.

53% (20 of 38) households who fully utilized YWCA shelter case management services moved into long term housing.

92% (21 of 23) of former YWCA shelter households who secured housing maintained their housing with at least 6 months stability.