Family Shelter

The YWCA shelter provides housing to families with minor children who are experiencing homelessness. One floor of our downtown housing location features private shelter rooms and a shared kitchen. A YWCA social worker supports each family to help them find housing and to prevent future episodes of homelessness.

Families cannot apply directly to the YWCA for shelter. Instead, they should contact the Dane County Housing Crisis Hotline at 1.855.510.2323, option 3.

Consumer Notice

YWCA shelter policies and procedures


2014 Housing & Shelter Outcomes


  • 867 people (404 adults and 463 children) were served in YWCA housing programs in 2014.
  • 86% (192 of 224) of households in YWCA housing programs maintained housing for one year or move to other permanent housing during 2014.
  • 94% (116 of 124) of households receiving case management achieved at least one significant goal in addition to housing.
  • 60% (26 of 43) households who fully utilized YWCA shelter case management services moved into long term housing.