YWCA Madison


What services are provided at the YWCA Madison?

The YWCA Madison has over 25 programs that fit into one of the following categories:

What makes the YWCA unique from other area non-profits?

The YWCA provides wrap-around services that partner with people as they move towards self-sufficiency. From the infant on Third Street, to teens in Restorative Justice, to the displaced homemaker looking for employment, to our eldest resident, the YWCA is supporting people throughout their lifetime. The YWCA takes a holistic approach to helping people by addressing the root causes of poverty such as homelessness, unemployment/underemployment, and racism.

Who lives at the YWCA?

The YWCA is home to 150 women, children, and families every night. The YWCA provides affordable housing through our Single Room Occupancy(dorm style) apartments for single women and the Third Street Program for single mothers with young children. In addition, the YWCA provides shelter to homeless families.

Do people live at the YWCA for free?

Most YWCA residents pay rent and sign a lease to live at the YWCA. There are 12 units of shelter, where the families do not pay rent as the YWCA is part of the Dane County shelter system and provides shelter for families with minor children.

How many people are served by the YWCA each year?

Hundreds of people are touched through all of the YWCA’s programs, from homeless families living at 101 E. Mifflin Street to people engaging in conversations about race through our Racial & Restorative Justice programs to riders getting to and from work on YW Transit and more.

Does the YWCA serve men?

Yes.  Through our housing, job training and transportation services, and Racial & Restorative Justice programs, men benefit from the services we provide. 

How are programs funded?

The YWCA Madison has a diverse income stream to ensure the financial health of our organization. Each year we seek donations from community supporters, conduct fundraising events, apply for grants from public and private sources, and earn income from rent.

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Are donations to the YWCA Madison tax-deductible?

Yes. The YWCA Madison is a 501(c)(3) organization and your donation to the YWCA is tax-deductible, less the value of any goods or services you receive. For example, goods or services would include a meal if you attend one of our fundraising events. We work hard to keep costs low so that more of your donation goes directly to support people in our programs.

What does YWCA stand for?

YWCA stands for Young Women’s Christian Association. However, this is a reflection of the history of the YWCA and thus we only use the acronym YWCA when we refer to ourselves.

Are you a Christian organization?

When the YWCA USA was established over 150 years ago, it was founded in the Christian faith. Today, the YWCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and not a faith-based organization.

Are the YWCA and YMCA affiliated?

In Madison, the YWCA and the YMCA are separate non-profit entities with different missions. While the YWCA focuses on empowering women and eliminating racism through housing, employment, transportation, and programs addressing race relations, the YMCA focuses on healthy living, youth development, and social responsibility.

Does the YWCA have a pool or fitness classes?

No, we no longer have a swimming pool, nor do we provide fitness classes.