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Housing & Shelter Outcomes

  • 844 people (385 adults and 459 children) were served in YWCA housing programs in 2015.
  • 87% (200 of 230) of households in YWCA housing programs maintained housing for one year or move to other permanent housing during 2015.
  • 86% (110 of 128) of households receiving case management achieved at least one significant  goal in addition to housing.
  • 93% (62 of 67) households from House-ability, Second Chance Apartment Project and Third Street maintained on increased self sufficiency.

Race & Gender Equity Outcomes

  • 2,906 people were served in equity programs in 2015.

Restorative Justice

  • 93% students who participate in a 2015 Restorative Justice referral circles showed attitude and behavioral improvements.
  • 256 adults; including college students, Dance County and school staff were trained in Restorative Justice Practices. The Restorative Justice program was held in 14 schools within 5 school districts and 4 community sites.

Racial Justice

  • 90% of Racial Justice Summit participants have talked or plan to talk with their colleagues at work about the racial/cultural climate in their organization in 2015.
  • 92% of Summit participants plan to apply knowledge or skills that they gained at our events to reduce racial disparities or to create or expand an initiative or program.
  • 95% (98 or 103) of Summit participants & 94% (72 of 77) of Workshop participants have sought out or plan to seek out more information to enhance their own awareness and understanding of racism by talking with others, reading, or listening.
  • 93% (96 of 103) of Summit participants & 96% (74 of 77) of Workshop participants spent time looking at their own attitudes and behaviors as they contribute to or combat the racism around them.

Women's Leadership

  • 71% of 2015 Moxie Conference survey respondents responded that they were inspired to work toward and indentify their own personal leadership journey.
  • 89% (16 of 18) of the YWomen Lead 2014-15 cohort session evaluations strongly agreed or agreed that the session increased awareness and knowledge of gender bias in our society.

Job Training & Transportation Outcomes

  • 415 people participated in Job Training & Transportation programs.
  • 62% (44 of 71) of 2015 Construct-U graduates found or improved employment.
  • 69 program participants who received case management reinstated their driver’s license while receiving case management from the DLRP program in 2015.
  • 15 riders were able to find a new job, 77 riders maintained their job and 97 riders attended job training because of JobRide 
  • YWeb Career Academy launched in 2014. In 2015 20 of the 25 graduates achieved paid internships and/or permanent employment.