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Creating Equitable Organizations Workshops

Creating an inclusive and diverse organization is about facilitating an organizational culture and climate that keeps and retains employees, leading to more outputs and lower costs for an organization. Cultivating an inclusive work environment also requires buy-in from all areas of an organization. Using the Multicultural Organizational Developmental (MCOD) strategic organizational change model, learn how to facilitate an inclusive organizational structure through systemic, long-term culture change. Through an interactive assessment process this models aids participants in identifying strategic next steps. Fees for this service vary depending on the package. View additional partnership options here.



Equity Impact Assessments

This workshop introduces participants to equity impact assessment tools and processes. This can be applied to internal policy analysis to ensure that we are equipped with a racial equity frame within our organizations & institutions. We will practice using these assessments by looking at hiring practices during the training.


Interrupting Microaggressions

This workshop provides opportunities for individuals to build awareness around race, gender, and other inequities by understanding the impact vs. intent of the most common microaggressions. Participants will also have an opportunity to learn new skills and tools, through video clips, small group and large group discussions, in order to build individual capacity to interrupt microaggressions in the workplace.


Navigating Triggers

This workshop provides an overview of workplace triggers; explain what they are, how to identify your own and others, as well as build skills around how to go about navigating them in the workplace.


Workplace Change vs. Transition

This workshop provides an overview of the basics of change management within an organization to develop an understanding of why people resist change. Imposed vs. designed change will be discussed, as well as the importance of change being an external process with transition being the internal process that each individual must go through. Participants will understand how to help move their organization through a transition.


Implicit Bias: Part One

This workshop introduces the concept of implicit bias and builds awareness for participants around racial equity by understanding how implicit bias impacts us at interpersonal, institutional, and systemic levels. Before we can create change at our workplace, we need to do thoughtful reflection around our own perceptions and biases and how this manifests in our daily work and interactions. Participants will leave with new reflections and awareness on how to move from bias toward more equitable impacts and action.


Implicit Bias: Part Two

After creating a baseline understanding of the concept of Implicit Bias in Part One, this session focuses specifically on Bias in the workplace by looking at case studies, hiring processes, job descriptions and performance evaluation as places where bias can manifest. Through this process, participants will be able to better identify bias in workplace processes.


Change Team Facilitation

We can help move your change team forward on a one-time or ongoing basis, by helping your change team update workplace policies, practices, processes, hiring and retention strategies, create an official diversity statement, or assist in an internal culture and climate assessment. 



For more information, contact Interim Race & Gender Equity Manager, Naomi Takahashi at 608.257.1436, option 2.

*Groups larger than 25 people can be accommodated for an additional fee. Contact the Interim  Race & Gender Equity Manager regarding cost.

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