Amplify Madison Academy – Dr. Taysheedra Allen

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Dr. Taysheedra Allen

Hello! My name is Dr. Taysheedra Allen, I am the Founder and CEO of the Women’s Place and Resource Center (WPRC) a nonprofit located in DeForest WI. The WPRC is a 501(c)(3) public charity designed to assist women spiritually, personally and professionally.

I also serve as an elected official for the Village of DeForest. I was elected as a Trustee of the Village board in April of 2020. I have lived in DeForest for over 14 years and enjoy being fully immersed in my local school district and community. As an experienced nurse of 20 years and nursing instruction of over 11 years, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise with others.

The best part about my life is being a mom to three amazing kids. I enjoy family time and outings; while making time for personal hobbies such as walking, Jiu-jitsu and serving at my church on the worship team.

My entrepreneurial passion is focused on community and the greater good. I enjoy using my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, Master’s of Science in Nursing, Master’s Business Administration and Doctorate in Education to help others and grow strong sustainable communities. I find satisfaction in serving, mentoring and supporting the lives of young girls and women. 

Get to know Taysheedra better

What are some of the things you enjoy the most in life? What keeps you inspired, re-charged, and brings you joy?

I enjoy my children and all the family time we have together. I love the memories we make and the lessons we learn. I am so inspired and encouraged by my kids and the primary role of being a mom. Helping others and serving brings me great joy and re-charges. Seeing my kids and others succeed really brings me joy and inspires me to continue to pay-it forward. 

When you look back over your whole life – What experiences have shaped you as a woman? and how?

The people I have encountered throughout my journey along with all the storms and challenges have help to shape me into the strong, confident and persistent woman I am today.  My parents planted powerful seeds of perseverance, honesty, integrity, work ethic, servitude, kindness and compassion in me. I have had many hard storms and struggles and looking for the good in every situation has helped me to be positive and grateful for every opportunity to give back and serve.

What are some of your practices of resilience? Who did you learn this from? and how are these helpful in times of challenge?

I believe in the power of pray, love and family and those three things have helped me to weather many hard and difficult storms. My brother Michael Reeves taught me and encouraged me to always look for ways to help others and to never give up. With every storm, challenge, hardship, I get stronger and more resilient.

When you think of your life journey unfolding, who do you see yourself becoming?

I see myself continuing to grow into a stronger woman with the ability to serve and mentor many women. 

What is your vision for Madison?

My vision for Madison includes but is not limited to sustained growth and development for the underserved and forgotten communities and individuals. 

How do you see you can contribute to creating the city you visualize?

My current and continued contribution includes but is not limited to program development that empowers young girls and women to see their potential and grow with consistent mentoring and encouragement.

Please share about your Amplify Madison journey – What did you worked on? What did you personally learn and how is it impacting who you are becoming?

This Amplify Madison journey has been nothing short of an incredible and amazing learning opportunity. Collaborating with another organization was totally encouraging and uplifting. This experience solidified the truth that we are better together in our impact for change. My teammates as I wanted to focus on leadership and growing leaders within the community.

We decided to take a course through UW Madison Continuing Studies called “Servant Leadership”. We as team decided we would take the knowledge and insights gain and share the main points with the community in the form a reusable video engagement tool. The most exciting part was not only taking the class but hearing the insights and perspectives of my other two team members.

My personal take away from the course, teamwork and Amplify Madison opportunity is, “anyone can lead because we can all serve”. 

What are you currently offering in the community and how can people connect with you and your work?

Linkedin: dr-taysheedra-allen-8641303a                                      Website:                      Instagram: @wprc2016                                                               Email:                           Phone: 508-556-0267