Amplify Madison Academy – Marisol A. Gonzalez-Rodriguez

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Marisol A. Gonzalez-Rodriguez

I am 36 years old woman, from Mexico City. I like to travel, read, nature, try new things, and adventures. I am a writer, self-employ, entrepreneur, business owner, Spanish tutor, Spanish consultant, Storyteller, and an advocate for justice. I used to be part of the immigrants´ worker union for a decade. I am a UW Odyssey project alumni and now I use my writing to raise awareness of the problems in our society and community. I also write children books for minorities. I’m always happy to collaborate with organizations that promote justice, equity, and education for all.    

Get to know Marisol better

What are some of the things you enjoy the most in life? What keeps you inspired, re-charged, and brings you joy?

I love to read, listen or watch movies of successful stories. Stories of immigrants, blacks, indigenes and minorities groups that had found their way out to success. Stay in contact with nature always re-charged me. Meet new people and spend time with my family and friends always brings me joy.

When you look back over your whole life – What experiences have shaped you as a woman? and How?

I think to see my grandmother’s example of always working hard to provide for their families, is something that always make me realize that I can follow their example of being an independent woman. That not for being a woman I can’t achieve my dreams. Both of my grandmother were indigenous and illiterates. Then later on when I meet my teacher Emily Auerbach director of the UW Odyssey project and see the work, she has been doing providing education and opportunities to minorities. It really changes my perspective of life and make me think that I can contribute to my community by writing children’s books, stories or sharing my experiences and if I keep growing and striving for education and success my children and community will benefit.

What are some of your practices of resilience? Who did you learn this from? and how are these helpful in times of challenge?

I try to meditate and let God do his work while I focus on mine. During the pandemic It was hard, but I did a list of gratitude almost every day to be remind it of the good stuff in life. I also reach to others and try to keep in contact with family and friends. I am gardening and just try to keep myself busy learning or reading.

When you think of your life journey unfolding, who do you see yourself becoming?

I can see myself as a full-time writer, storyteller, published writer and most importantly always learning something new.

What is your vision for Madison?

I wish it grows to be a place where the racisms don’t exist, instead the justice and equity can be pure example of our city of Madison.

How do you see you can contribute to creating the city you visualize?

By being a gadfly as Socrates said. I learn this in Odyssey class. If you don’t like the way the society is behaving, then let’s do something about it. I believe in the power or words and stories, so my plan is to awaken consciences.

Please share about your Amplify Madison journey – What did your team worked on and how was your experience collaborating with each other? What did you personally learn and how is impacting who you are becoming?

The opportunity that Amplify Madison gave us as a team helped us to get training and learn more about storytelling. It was a wonderful experience learning from Takeyla and Jen since they have a lot more experience leading storytelling workshops. I also was able to get enough knowledge that I am able to lead storytelling workshops in English but also for the first time in Madison in Spanish for the Spanish speaking community.

I know this will make a big impact in my community because now exist the option to learn how to craft stories in Spanish since I know there are many stories that need to be heard.

What are you currently offering in the community and how can people connect with you and your work?

I will be offering storytelling workshop in Spanish through Dream Bank and Art & Literature Laboratory. My goal this year is to stop using social media, but people can contact me via email at