Amplify Madison Academy – Nicolle Hill

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Nicole Hill (she, her, hers)

I am a Jamaican American woman, Lead Family Support Specialist with the Early Childhood Initiative at Rise Wisconsin, I have a background in Sociology and Child Development.

Currently working towards Childbirth and Postpartum Doula certification.

Get to know Nicole better

What are some of the things you enjoy the most in life? What keeps you inspired, re-charged, and brings you joy?

I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I recharge by going on walks with my Pitbull and taking naps.

When you look back over your whole life – What experiences have shaped you as a woman? and how?

My mother and aunt- two of the strongest and open-hearted women I know. They taught me to never be afraid to speak my mind and to always have compassion for others.

What are some of your practices of resilience? Who did you learn this from? and how are these helpful in times of challenge?

I am not a fan of the word resilience. However, I am able to fill my cup through self-care practices, such as meditation and grounding activities. These practices are helpful in challenging times as they remind me to breath, recenter and have compassion for myself.

When you think of your life journey unfolding, who do you see yourself becoming?

My life’s journey that is unfolding is beautiful and momentous. After such a traumatic experience with the loss of my son Zaire, I see myself becoming a wealth of information and experience for those who I purposely have been led to support. 

How do you see you can contribute to creating the city you visualize?

Supporting the empowerment of the voices that go unheard.

Please share about your Amplify Madison journey – What did you worked on? What did you personally learn and how is it impacting who you are becoming?

Our team took both the Childbirth and Postpartum courses together. It was nice to have other people to share in the knowledge and turn to when there were questions. It was also nice to be able to walk into a space and see others that not only looked like me but have a similar vision. 

We also worked to gather outside information and assessments that we felt would be beneficial to our clients, as often materials and resources do not represent People of Color. I think many of us know that the system is deeply flawed, however, I was able to gain additional skills in empowering individuals to use their voice and receive the service that best fits their needs. 

What are you currently offering in the community and how can people connect with you and your work?

We are currently offering birthing and postpartum support (available in Spanish). We can be reached at