Press Release: YWCA Madison’s 2019 Racial Justice Summit Call for Workshop Proposals

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Press Release: YWCA Madison’s 2019 Racial Justice Summit Call for Workshop Proposals

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Madison, WI, April 05, 2019 Call for Proposals is now open for the YWCA Racial Justice Summit. The YWCA Madison is inviting submissions for workshop proposals for the 2019 Racial Justice Summit, a leading regional, multiracial gathering on racial justice.  This year’s theme is Transforming Our Future. Our invitation for participants is to connect with legacies of resilience, resistance and co-liberation of individuals and communities throughout history as co-inspiration to re-imagine our lives and communities from this present-forward.

Each year, the YWCA Madison hosts a Racial Justice Summit that brings together people and organizations committed to learning about institutional racism as well as to build an ongoing practice of racial justice. We convene nationally-known keynote speakers and researchers, in addition to local experts and advocates as presenters for an audience of over 800 participants. The Summit provides a platform for community dialogue and action-envisioning for racial justice in an environment that encourages learning from and supporting each other for this common imperative in our personal lives, as well as organizational roles.

This year, we are inviting presenters to submit workshops that engage a holistic approach which would speak to the root causes, shifting power, and advancing of racial equity at the self, interpersonal, institutional, cultural, and structural levels across our communities and organizations. We encourage presenters to integrate skill building in their workshop proposals so that participants can practice enacting one’s own understanding of the nature and impact of the system of racial inequity, as well as their own personal and organizational spheres of influence.  

Please visit our webpage to read submission guidelines carefully and submit your proposal by Monday, May 13th, 2019aligning with these guidelines will make your proposal more competitive:

Up to 25 workshops will be featured at the Racial Justice Summit.  Due to the limited number of workshops, growing interest and attendance, we expect the workshop selection process to be very competitive.  We encourage early submission of workshop proposals to give us ample time to review them.

Centering the importance of embracing inclusion, racial and gender equity as an ongoing and holistic practice will provide an environment for people to learn and engage in authentic and reflective conversations around mutual accountability to transform our future. Our intention is that attendees leave our Summit equipped with resources and skills to practice affecting systemic & interpersonal change towards justice from their own spheres of influence.

The Summit will take place, October 15th and 16th 2019, at Monona Terrace Convention Center.

Breakout sessions will focus on transforming our future  through themes around Community Organizing, Activism, Organizational Development and Advocacy (with an emphasis on Skill Building), Collective and Holistic Dismantling of the System of White Supremacy and Whiteness, Envisioning Our Liberated Future and  Bodies of Knowledge & Practices of Healing, Liberation and Resistance (Individual and Collective).

Nationally renowned Keynote Presenters and Institute Leaders already confirmed for this year’s summit are Dr. Bettina Love, Heather Hackman, Annahid Dashgart and Climbing Poetree.  For more information, visit our website at, or contact Gery Paredes Vasquez at Also, like us on Facebook at

About YWCA Madison

YWCA Madison is on a mission to eliminate racism, empower women, stand up for social justice, help families, and strengthen communities. For 110 years, YWCA has been a leader in addressing the most challenging issues of the day, including gender equity, affordable housing, racial justice, restorative justice, and family supporting wages. Today our programs and services across the greater Madison area serve over five thousand women, girls, and their families. We combine programming and advocacy to move the needle on three key areas: racial and gender equity, housing and shelter, and employment training and transportation.


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