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YWAct: Supporting Governor Ever’s Budget

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Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has proposed several initiatives in his 2020 Wisconsin Budget to support and improve the lives of communities of color, immigrants, children, and women.  Unfortunately, the Wisconsin State Legislature has voiced opposition to many of these proposals.

Join YWCA Madison in contacting our state elected leaders and letting them know we support the following proposals:

1) Accepting Medicaid Expansion and Making Health Care Accessible
If Wisconsin became a Medicaid expansion state, more than 80,000 individuals currently without insurance would receive health care. With the expansion, the state would also receive increased funding for health care workers and staff. The Governor’s budget also increases mental health funding and access to preventative health care.

2) Supporting Immigrant Communities
Before 2007, all Wisconsinites over 16 years old could apply for a driver’s license.  Since then, only documented individuals are allowed licenses. The result—people still have to drive their children to school, get to work, access health care, go to the grocery store, and meet their basic needs. Everyone is less safe when there are unlicensed drivers. Gov. Evers’ budget reinstates licenses for everyone. The budget also supports immigrant families by allowing all Wisconsin students to qualify for in-state tuition, regardless of documentation.

3) Funding for Public Education
Governor Evers’ budget funds so many essential educational programs.  From additional funding for schools with students in poverty; increasing teacher pay; expanding early childhood education, afterschool and summer programming; funding school breakfasts; freezing the number of vouchers; and more.  After years of defending public educations, our schools desperately need these supports.

4) Public Health Funding to Address Racial Disparities and Healthy Children
The Healthy Woman, Healthy Babies initiative aims to reduce racial disparities in birth outcomes and maternal health, by funding doula services, postpartum support, home-visits, and staff specifically focused on addressing infant mortality rates. The funding also improves women’s access to preventative health care.

5) Removing Lead Pipes and Ensuring Clean Drinking Water
Governor Evers’ has declared 2019 the year of Clean Drinking Water in Wisconsin.  His budget expands testing for lead and funds lead pipe removal throughout the state. It also funds essential medical treatment for youth who have been exposed to lead.

6) Eliminating Obstacles to Public Assistance 
The Governor’s budget will undo several recent changes that make it harder for families to access public assistance, including food and child care funding.  This includes expanding benefits for families that are caring for a child or parent and expanding the lifetime access to benefits.

7) Funding Homeless Prevention
The budget substantially increases funding for homeless prevention, housing assistance, shelter services, and homeless case management. The budget address both immediate housing needs and the root causes of why individuals face homelessness in Wisconsin. 

8) Expanding Broadband Statewide
Low-income individuals in our cities cannot afford internet access, limiting their ability to find and apply for jobs and educational opportunities. Gov. Evers’ budget more than triples the state’s commitment to ensuring broadband services across the state, leveling the playing field for low-income families.

You can email Wisconsin Legislators to support these initiatives. To find your Legislator, Click here, then enter your address under “Who Are My Legislators?”. Please copy, paste the text below in an email to your Legislator, remember to update the email with your name and address. 

I support Governor Tony Evers’ budget proposals that support and improve the lives of communities of color, immigrants, children, and women across Wisconsin.   I urge you to support the Governor’s funding in the 2020 Wisconsin Budget for:

  • Medicaid Expansion and Increased Funding for Preventative and Accessible Health Care
  • Wisconsin Driver’s Licenses for All and In-state tuition for All Youth in Wisconsin
  • Increased Public School Funding, including Increased General School Aid; Increased Funding for Schools with Children in Poverty; Increased Teachers’ Salaries; Funding for Early Childhood, Afterschool, and Summer Education; and Funding School Breakfasts.
  • Public Health Funding for Healthy Women, Healthy Babies Initiative
  • Clean Drinking Water and the Removal of Lead Pipes throughout Wisconsin
  • Eliminating Obstacles to Accessing Public Assistance
  • Funding Homelessness Services Prevention
  • Expanding Broadband Statewide

I am a voter, and I am paying attention to how the legislature votes on these important proposals that will improve the lives of all Wisconsinites.  Thank you!