Racial Justice Summit

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Racial Justice Summit

October 16, 2019 @ 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Monona Terrace
1 John Nolen Dr
Madison, WI 53703
Gery Paredes Vásquez
(608) 257-1436, option 3
Racial Justice Summit @ Monona Terrace | Madison | Wisconsin | United States

Transforming Our Future

Our invitation to attendees is to connect with the legacies of resilience, resistance and co-liberation of individuals and communities throughout history as co-inspiration and learning from the past as we re-imagine our lives and communities from this present-forward. We aim to do so holistically, meaning at all levels of our racial justice practice: self, relationships, organizations, and communities, as well as at the level of structural society.

Keynotes and break-out sessions will offer participants the opportunity to connect to this year’s theme at all these levels with the purpose of not only deepening our own personal practices and building community with each other but ultimately to strengthen our collective action for racial justice in Wisconsin.

Featured Keynotes:

Climbing Poetree and Edgar Villanueva are this year’s featured keynotes. Their presentations will include a combination of traditional keynotes, spoken word, music, and performance art.