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I hope the season is bringing you a sense of that unique and heartfelt joy that can only come from gathering with loved ones. As we navigate this new phase of socializing and re-emerging, I am reminded again of why YWCA Madison embraced the theme of Emergence this past year.

YWCA Madison is part of an international network of organizations with the shared mission of eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. In addition to our mission, our independent YWCA Madison has developed our own values to guide our work locally. These values are Humanity, Community, Growth and Restoration and we strive to authentically embed these values into our organization’s culture and critical programming in housing & shelter, employment training & transportation, and race & gender equity. We have over 20 programs that we serve our greater Madison community with.

In considering Emergence, it has become apparent over the course of the pandemic, that we need to do some things differently. A great deal has risen to the surface socially, racially, and economically. Some of what has emerged has challenged us and some of what has emerged has inspired us. At YWCA Madison we have been inspired to fulfill the emerging housing needs of our community through new programming that is staff and client informed and built upon an empowerment model. Through listening to community needs, this year we launched our new Steps to Stability Housing Program.

Launched in 2022, Steps to Stability is a tenant-education program for families experiencing housing instability. Participants in the program go through classes that cover various topics related to renting and housing stability. The program aims to build relationships with landlords in the community and support participants in obtaining and maintaining housing through short-term supportive case management services and a small amount of rental assistance.

Here is what one of our first Steps to Stability participants had to say:

“…I completed the S2S Program (Steps to Stability) and at first it was overwhelming but working with Katey (Step to Stability Coordinator) and some of her YWCA Madison colleagues it became easier and the class was a safe place for everyone. After completeing the class I recievied assistance getting into housing within a 2-3 week time frame. It was a task at first, but I was encouraged not to give up and I didn’t. I’m so gratful for YWCA Madison and Katey, she really is a great person inside and out and she gets it done!” – Tanisha

Steps to Stability is just one of eight housing programs that we provide to the community, alongside our Family Shelter and Permanent Housing for single women who are very low income. Even though we are a part of an international network of associations, our YWCA Madison is an independent, nonprofit organization which raises its own funds year after year. Every year, we provide critical programming to thousands of individuals in our community. The pandemic did not slow us down, in fact, it ramped up the work that we do. We don’t stop, because our mission implores us to show up every day and give it our all.

Today, I ask you to “give it your all” by making a generous donation to YWCA Madison. Please invest our organization and see what continues to emerge for the greater Madison community and beyond. Help us to empower women, children and families through our transformative programs.

Please consider a generous donation to YWCA Madison today.

In Humanity, Community, Growth and Restoration,

Vanessa McDowell
CEO, YWCA Madison

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