Circle of Women

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Thank You for Joining Us at Circle of Women!


Thank you for joining us, in the virtual space, to celebrate the power of individual philanthropy at YWCA Madison’s Annual Circle of Women fundraiser. Guests learned about the essential work of YWCA Madison during this time.

Funds donated by guests at the event (and afterwards)  support the YWCA Madison’s race & gender equityjob training & transportation; and housing & shelter. Because of our generous sponsors, each dollar raised goes directly to YWCA Madison to support local programming.

Please contribute to the work and mission of YWCA Madison with the button below. Thank you!

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Thanks to Our 2021 Circle of Women Committee

Angela Arrington Co-Chair

2021 Co-Chairs, Joyce Dieter (left) and Angela Arrington (right)
Our 2021 Co-Chairs, Joyce Dieter (left) and Angela Arrington (right)

Joyce Dieter Co-Chair

Benton, Leigh Griesbach, Donna Moreland, Monica Mims, Julia Stanley, Leah Wicander and Suzy Wood

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has promoted philanthropy among those in their own circle of friends and colleagues by serving as a Circle Captain.
# Indicates the number of years serving as a captain.

Michelle Affatati4
Angela Arrington2
Elizabeth Barnhill15

Annie Bockhop4
Takeyla Benton
Deborah Brancel4
Kathy Cramer13
Betty Harris Custer9
Justin Cruz4
Jen Davel1
Deb Davis
Joyce Dieter7
Murphy Dunne2
Barbara Estervig
Leigh Griesbach2
Samantha Haas
Jason Ilstrup
Bobbi Jones2
Nyra Jordan6
Christy Kaufman
Jan Kittoe7
Natalia Kruse
Meghan Leatherman
Ron Luskin
Kristy Brown Lust
Rachel Martin2
Candace McDowell5
Vanessa McDowell5
Shahanna McKinney-Baldon
Todd Micholic
Donna Moreland2
Camie Morris
Sharon Neylon
Kim Noyce
BreeSean Pittman

Marisa Potter
Heidi Ropa5

Rhonda Schemm2
Amy Smyth
Julia Stanley8
Mary Jo Steeber Higgins
Lucretia Sullivan Wade2
Martha Vukelich-Austin18
Mona Adams Winston
Jill Wipfli5
Suzy Wood5


Event History

YWCA Madison held the first Circle of Women fundraiser in 2004. With great success, the event continues to grow. In 2020, over 900 people attended the 17th annual event.

Here is what some of our guests have said about the event:

“I’ve attended Circle of Women for several years and each time, I leave being so impressed and uplifted by the testimonials—the women the YWCA has helped are amazing as is the help that you provide.”

“Love this program and always come away so inspired by the women who are brave enough to share their stories with such a large group. Thank you for all you do for the community.”