Throughout the year, YWCA Madison hosts a variety of events designed to highlight our mission and raise funds for our programs. Explore the links below to learn about the annual YWCA events throughout the year. You can also check out our calendar to learn more about Racial Justice Workshops and other smaller events.



February 15, 2024

Celebrate the power of individual philanthropy at YWCA Madison’s Circle Fundraiser. Guests hear from women who have changed their lives with support from YWCA Madison and discover how their gift benefits women and their families in our community. The event was conceived as a way to encourage philanthropy among women and provide an opportunity to network with others from diverse social, ethnic, economic, educational, and cultural backgrounds.

Circle is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to learn about the YWCA. Funds donated by guests at the event will support YWCA Madison’s programs for race & gender equity, job training & transportation, and housing & shelter.


Women of Distinction Leadership Awards

June 20, 2024

Women of Distinction Leadership Awards are present to outstanding women leaders for their community service, professional achievement, integrity, leadership, and dedication to the lives of others and to the quality of life for all. They are a reflection of the YWCA’s historic mission and values.


Racial Justice Summit

September 25 – 27, 2024

Each year, the YWCA Madison hosts a racial justice summit that brings together community stakeholders to work on eliminating barriers that foster racism in our community. The summit focuses on institutional racism and involves nationally-known keynote speakers and researchers, as well as local experts and advocates. Through an environment that encourages learning from and supporting each other in our common goals, the summit provides a platform for action planning and community dialogue.

Events Throughout the Year

The YWCA Madison also holds Racial Justice Workshops and Mission Impact events throughout the year. Please refer to our calendar for dates and times.