Building Futures

Building Futures is a collaboration among the YWCA Madison, The Road Home Dane County, and local congregations or other groups to end homelessness in our community. Through this program, homeless families are established in transitional, affordable housing and supportive services. We serve 16-20 families at any one time.

How does it work?

Building Futures pays full rent to the landlord and families pay 30% of their income in rent to YWCA. Each family has a portion of their rent go into an Individualized Development Account (IDA) that they can access to pay past debts or use to meet employment or educational goals. Participants live in scattered-site housing throughout the community. Each family is paired with a case manager.

YWCA Madison and The Road Home provide:

  • Intensive case management for families
  • Training and supervision of volunteer mentors
  • Primary contact and technical assistance to congregation or group
  • Tenant education for families through the Second Chance Workshops
  • Employment specialist
  • Screening of families and primary contact for property owners

The groups or congregations provide:

  • Rental of one apartment
  • Volunteer mentors to work with the family
  • Furniture and housewares for the family
  • Assistance moving the family into and out of the apartment
  • Assistance to the property owner with cleaning and repairs

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Sponsoring Groups

Accessing Building Futures

When there is an opening, we bring families into the program by using the community-wide priority list. Families experiencing homelessness can have their name added to the list by calling The Salvation Army at 1 (608) 250-2298. If a family is in a shelter, they should be on the priority list.

For more information, contact the YWCA Madison Community Housing Manager at 608-257-1436, option 2, or contact The Road Home at 608-294-7998.


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