Second Chance Apartmetn Landlord Information

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How landlords can get involved in the Second Chance Apartment Project

  • Follow the example of some of your colleagues and donate an apartment to the program.
  • Choose to offer your apartment at a reduced rate to the Second  Chance Apartment Project.  The rate reduction would be a donation that would make it easier for congregations to participate in this program.
  • Support the program by contacting the YWCA when you have vacancies that you would like to rent to the Second Chance Apartment Project at your regular rate.
  • Expand your participation with the Second Chance Program and choose to work with graduates of the Second Chance Workshop, as well as participants in the Second Chance Apartment Project.

Benefits of Participating in the Second Chance Apartment Project

  • You can claim any donation of rent (be it full rent or partial) as a tax deduction.
  • If you were to donate an apartment, we would encourage congregations to think of this as a buy one get one free scenario, in which they would pay full rent at one of your units. This would ensure stable rent payments and stable occupancy at least two of your units for as long as you choose to participate in the program.
  • YWCA has always had a positive relationship with the Apartment Association and landlords in this community.  We would like to use this as an opportunity to publicize all of the good work that landlords are doing in the Madison community to create more affordable housing and contribute to their community.
  • Everyone housed in the Second Chance Apartment Project will have been screened extensively. They will have received tenant training and they will have an intensive case manager who will be in the apartment at a minimum of once a week to ensure that your property is being taken care of. They will also be working with a team of mentors on various life skills.
  • If at any point you are having any problems with an Apartment Project tenant, we are available to mediate the problem.

For more information, contact the Housing First Coordinator at 608.257.1436, option 2.