Empower Home

Empower Home, a partnership with the United Way Dane County, Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS), and UNIDOS Against Domestic Violence provides women survivors of domestic violence, who are homeless or in need of transitional housing to flee a domestic violence situation, the opportunity to live in safe, supportive transitional housing.

We serve 6 families and 3 single. Depending on funding we may support up to 3 families in the community.

The program’s goal is to provide survivors with a safe environment to heal. During their time in the program, they will have access to a case manager who can assist them with skills to enhance their lives and help them maintain their safety. Graduates will be empowered to pursue their goals of employment, financial stability, healthy family relations, social connectedness, parenting, health care, and mobility.

Accessing Empower Home

When there is an opening, we accept referrals from DAIS and UNIDOS. There is not a direct way to apply for this program.