Steps to Stability

Steps to Stability (S2S) is a tenant-education program for families experiencing housing instability. Participants in the program go through a class that covers various topics related to renting: finding and maintaining housing, learning landlord/tenant and fair housing laws, financial planning, communicating with landlords, and understanding notices and contracts associated with renting. The program aims to build relationships with landlords in the community and support participants in obtaining/maintaining housing through short-term supportive case management services and a small amount of rental assistance.

Proud Partner with City of Madison, UW Credit Union, Fair Housing, and United Way of Dane County.

Accessing Steps to Stability

Contact the Community Housing Manager at 608-257-1436, option 2.

Dane County families eligible for the program will have at least one minor child in their household, are staying in emergency shelter or are at imminent risk of entering shelter and have recently found housing.