Amplify Madison

Professional Development Options

Through Amplify Madison each cohort will select a conference, workshop or another professional development opportunity of their choosing or creation. The professional development opportunity must increase the cohort’s knowledge, expose them to best practices, and foster relationships and collaborations with other nonprofits in Amplify Madison.


Check back to see about the possibility of future opportunities with Amplify Madison!

  • The Last Deadline Was: Thursday, November 1, 2018, at noon for professional development opportunities occurring after January 1, 2019.

Organizational and Cohort Commitments

Each cohort selected for funding from Amplify Madison is expected to participant in the biannual Amplify Madison Learning Community meetings hosted by YWCA Madison. At the Amplify Madison Learning Community, participants can share best practices, lessons learned, and foster relationships and collaboration among cohorts. Amplify Madison participants will possibly be invited to present at the YWCA Madison’s 2019 Racial Justice Summit. YWCA will maintain a speaker bureau webpage, where organizations or conference seeking speakers will be able to connect with participants in the Amplify Madison Learning Community.

We are very excited to host such a great opportunity to empower women in the Madison area,” said YWCA Madison CEO Vanessa McDowell. “Our entire community will be enriched when we make it possible to build stronger relationships and have more diverse voices sharing knowledge.
Vanessa McDowell, YWCA Madison CEO

Amplify Madison Guidelines

Amplify Madison will increase skills, voice, and visibility for women in the local nonprofit community, with an emphasis on increasing opportunities for women of color. Nonprofits are invited to submit a proposal for a cohort of three women to attend a professional development opportunity of their choosing. Cohorts selected for funding are expected to share their learning in the Madison community after participating in the experience through participation in a Learning Community and other local conference opportunities.

Each cohort of three will be eligible for a total of $8250 (or $2750 per individual). This money can be used for conference fees, travel, lodging, and meals. One organization will take responsibility for submitting a final invoice with receipts to the YWCA for reimbursement of up to $8250 per cohort (or $2750 per individual). Organizations can submit up to two invoices: one that covers all expenses incurred in advance of the professional development opportunity, such as registration and airfare, and a second that covers all expenses incurred during the professional development opportunity.

Nonprofits, individuals who work at nonprofits, and/or collaborations of nonprofits are invited to submit a proposal for a cohort of three people who would not otherwise have access to this professional development opportunity. Amplify Madison is intended to provide opportunities for women and people who experience gender-based oppression. The three individuals who apply together can include staff, board and/or volunteers and do not all need to be from the same organization – collaborations are encouraged. Racially diverse cohorts and cohorts comprised of people who intend to remain at their nonprofit in the Madison community will receive priority.

Amplify Madison Proposal

To submit a proposal for Amplify Madison, complete this application. If you have any question, please email us at