Amplify Madison

Amplify Madison

Amplify Madison funds collaborative professional development projects to build skill, voice, and visibility for all people that identify as women, including youth, trans women, and in particular women of color working in the Madison region’s thriving local community organizations. 

In 2021, Amplify Madison will continue to fund opportunities for teams of three women to access professional development opportunities online or in-person (When allowed)  to then integrate their learning and wisdom from highly diverse frameworks and contexts to their work and the broader Madison community. 

Amplify Madison is made possible through generous support from the Madison Community Foundation and the Schlecht Family Foundation.

Professional Development 

Each team can select a conference, training or workshop of their choice across the United States or abroad. Previously awarded Amplify Madison teams had transformative learning experiences in Guadalajara, Los Angeles, Rwanda, Chicago, and VIetnam.


Teams are comprised of three people from different Madison area community organizations. Collaboration is a central value for this opportunity and grant proposals that include individuals from different organizations will receive priority.

Community Engagement

Following their completed professional development experiences, each team is expected to co-organize community engagement activities to share and put into practice their knowledge and skills as developed with the greater community of Madison.


Each team of three can request up to $7500 to fund all three aspects of their Amplify Madison proposal:

  1. Participating in the professional development experience of their choice.
  2. Design and Coordination of activities such as planning meetings, reflection meetings, and other similar during the team’s collaboration. 
  3. Community engagement activities to integrate their learning once they are back in Madison.
  4. Childcare during in-person professional development opportunities

Examples of expenses that can be covered are conference fees, travel, lodging, childcare, meals, online platform fees, materials, and others.

Each Expenses Report must be accompanied by itemized receipts for all expenses submitted for reimbursement. Each team will be asked to submit three reports:

  1. One that covers all expenses incurred in advance of the professional development opportunity, such as registration fees and airfare. This could also include costs of materials or other similar for planning meetings.
  2. A second report with all expenses incurred during the professional development opportunity such as per diem costs for transportation and meals.
  3. A third one for all expenses incurred during their community engagement activities. This report should include costs for planning meetings as well as expenses from your community engagement activities e.g. catering, materials, zoom account, etc.

Each team must plan to implement all three aspects of their Amplify Madison proposal as detailed above between February and December 2021.

Please note that funding is meant to benefit individual awardees in their professional development and community engagement, not regular operations from their organizations.

All people that identify as women, including youth (17+), trans women, and in particular women of color working in nonprofits, community organizations, neighborhood groups, faith communities, etc.

Applications must be submitted by teams of three women, preferably racially diverse, who are collaborating across organizations and/or sectors.

Teams can include members from different roles at organizations, e.g. board members, direct service, volunteers, etc. Applications from racially diverse, inter-organizational and/or cross-sector teams are highly encouraged.


All teams awarded are expected to participate in:

  • Biannual Amplify Madison (online) get-togethers that will provide an opportunity to connect with each other, share best practices, lessons learned, and further develop their leadership skills. 
  • End of the year Amplify Madison Celebration which will be an opportunity to celebrate awardees, their team’s journey and learnings throughout the year. 

Additionally, all Amplify Madison awardees must:

  • Provide information about themselves and their teams for their profiles at the Amplify Madison Academy webpage as requested.
  • Designate one of their collaborating organization to take responsibility for submitting Expenses Reports to YWCA Madison.

Amplify Madison awardees will be invited to present at the YWCA Madison’s 2021 Racial Justice Summit.

A full list of commitments and meeting dates will be shared as a part of your awardee package.

Application Process is Now Closed. 


We are very excited to host such a great opportunity to empower women in the Madison area. Our entire community will be enriched when we make it possible to build stronger relationships and have more diverse voices sharing knowledge.
Vanessa McDowell, YWCA Madison CEO

Frequent Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please contact Saul Cortes or Gery Paredes Vasquez at