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Dane Arts Mural Arts

We are part of a community mural arts non-profit with the purpose of beautifying neighborhoods throughout Dane County by engaging youth and community members in all aspects of the collaborative mural making process. Every day we see first-hand the power that art has to change moods, improve attitudes and increase self-esteem. By providing access to arts education through mural making activities DAMA empowers artists to help youth and communities become happier, healthier and more engaged. Our goal for development through the Amplify Madison experience is to learn first hand from the experts in our field at the Philadelphia Mural Arts program. We hope to learn how best to mold our program here in Madison to make the most of our partnerships opportunities to maximize our reach and impact.

Get to know Dane Arts Mural Arts better

Please share about what sparked you all to submit your Amplify Madison proposal? What are some of the challenges you want to transform for yourselves and the Madison community?

Our program has grown quickly in the last few years and we are trying to match our programming capabilities with the demand for mural projects. This opportunity came at a moment when we need to learn how to reach out to other organizations to partner with us so that we can focus on making community art while also adequately addressing social needs and wellness concerns throughout the process.

Please share about your experience collaborating across organizations for your Amplify experience – What are you learning about the nature of collaboration?

We have learned already that there are many organizations that we can learn from and would love to work with. Collaboration is ongoing and only just begun.

What is your team’s vision for Madison

The vision of DAMA is to use mural making to help develop a network of communities whose members, especially youth, feel safe in their neighborhood and proud of their community.

What has been your team’s experience in preparation to your professional development experience? What are some of the expectations you already have about the event, conference or other similar you are about to attend?

We have set up some very exciting meetings and experiences in Philadelphia. The organization there is dedicated to spreading their vision and helping organizations like ours to thrive in our own communities. We expect to meet with project and community leaders to learn best practices and partnership goals.

What has been your team’s experience during your professional development experience? What are some of the key knowledge, skills and learning you are bringing back to Madison?

Team reflection coming soon!

What has been your team’s experience during your community engagement activities back in Madison? What are some of your key reflections and learning during this period?

Team reflection coming soon!

Dane Arts Mural Arts