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Welcome to the Creating Equitable Organizations resource library. If you have questions or notice broken links, contact the Racial Justice Department.

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Creating Equitable Organizations Toolkit

Creating Equitable Organizations Toolkit Summary

  1. Addressing Readiness
    1. Assessing Readiness
    2. Addressing Readiness Tools
    3. Visual Anchors MCOD
  2. Creating a Change Team
    1. Creating Your Change Team
    2. Change Team Tools
    3. Resources To Start Your Change Team
  3. Assessment Survey/Audit
    1. Assessment
    2. Assessment Audit Focus Groups
    3. Assessment Survey
  4. Analyzing Data
    1. Analyzing Data
    2. Analyzing Data Handout
  5. Creating Recommendations
    1. Crafting Recommendations
    2. Crafting Recommendations Handout
  6. Reciprocal Feedback
    1. Feedback
    2. Sample Guidelines
  7. Taskforces
    1. Taskforces
    2. Creating Inclusive Taskforces Tool
  8. Foundations of Change Process
    1. Foundations Of Change
    2. Foundations Of Change Handouts
  9. Train the Trainer Material
    • Practice Session PowerPoint Presentations
    1. CEO Transition Discussion
    2. CEO Brian on Change
    3. CEO Change vs Transition
    4. CEO Facilitating Transition
    5. CEO Resilience
    6. CEO Supporting Each Other
    7. CEO Why Change
    8. MCOD Iceberg Practice Session Outline
    9. MCOD Line Activity Practice Session Outline
    10. MCOD Practice Session Outline
    • Practice Sessions Handouts
    1. Employee Resilience Reading
    2. Facilitating Transition
    3. Individual Transition Reflection
    4. MCOD Training Agenda Keys Co-Facilitation
    5. Resilience
    6. The Brain On Change
    7. Transition In Organization
    • Train the Trainer Handouts
    1. Co-Facilitation Team Building
    2. Facilitation Notes
    3. Facilitation Peer Feedback Keys
    4. Leaders Role in Decision Making
    • Train the Trainer PowerPoint Presentations
    1. CEO Time CheckList
    2. Day 1 CEO Train the Trainer
    3. Day 2 CEO Train the Trainer
    4. YWCA 15 Minute Sections
  10. Resources
    1. Creating Equitable Organizations Materials
    2. Glossary
    3. Resources Equity Impact Assessment
    4. Resources Mentor Model

Webinars and Presentations

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Readings and Resources