Deep Diversity® Institute

Leadership Skills for Inclusive Schools and Workplaces

YWCA Madison, in collaboration with the Social Innovation and Sustainability Leadership Program (SISL) at Edgewood College, is thrilled to co-organize this opportunity for transformational learning and capacity building for any organization committed to deepening the practice of inclusion and equity in the workplace.

Course Dates: May 21, 22, & 23, 2019

The Deep Diversity® training skillfully integrates the latest research from neuroscience, psychology, prejudice reduction, organizational development and mindfulness with proven practices for sustaining organizational performance. This unique professional development opportunity is experiential and holistic, a challenging yet non-threatening approach to tackling issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity.

This award-winning training process will develop key leadership knowledge and skills to support workplace inclusion and equity, as outlined in Shakil Choudhury’s book, Deep Diversity: Overcoming Us vs. Them.

Although developing “diversity champions” within organizations is a common strategy for advancing inclusion strategies, there is less understanding of the leadership competencies required for such a challenging task. We will explore leadership as an inside-out process, that inner skills—including self-awareness, empathy, and bias management—are essential in nurturing workplace diversity and inclusion.

Deep Diversity® is a framework that helps examine how four key factors—bias, tribes, emotions and power—play invisible, yet significant, roles in our dynamics with those who we perceive to be different than us. To really work through issues of difference and foster greater levels of fairness and inclusion within organizations, it is critical to understand the human mind—its conscious and unconscious dimensions. We will investigate these ideas and link them with Deep Diversity®, a practical and evidence-based lens that can be used to enhance our understanding of systemic discrimination based on gender and race.

Anima Leadership has surveyed the latest smart practices research on recruitment, retention and advancement in order to develop unique diversity instruments for measuring inclusion in the workplace. Assess where your organization is at and where it wants to go using the Deep Diversity® Inclusive Workplace Continuum and Organizational Practices.

The Deep Diversity sessions were excellent for my professional development as a leader. It provided me with an opportunity to examine my own biases and beliefs and to extend this understanding to gain a deeper understanding of equity and inclusivity, particularly in creating safe, respectful and supportive working and learning environments for all students and staff. I highly recommend this leadership institute for supervisory officers and principals/vice-principals in school districts.
Catherine Portt, Superintendent, Hastings Prince

2-Day Institute

During the Deep Diversity® Institute participants will learn:

  • Leadership competencies needed to deepen the practice of inclusion and equity in the workplace including emotional intelligence, mindfulness and authentic connection.
  • How to apply the Deep Diversity® framework to help uncover systemic discrimination within organizations with regards to race/ethnicity, specifically, and social identity broadly.
  • How unconscious bias results in blind spots within individuals and organizations and the importance of developing bias detection and reduction skills.
  • What gets in the way of establishing a diverse and inclusive organization that is inclusive of all people, regardless of identity or background.
  • How to apply the Deep Diversity® Inclusive Workplace Continuum: Organizational Practices using seven factors for measuring organizational change with respect to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Facilitator Lab (Optional 3rd Day)

After road-testing Deep Diversity® workshops with thousands of people around the world, we are clear that our award-winning workshops are due to the underlying design and facilitation strategies that integrate sociology and anti-discrimination principles with psychology and neuroscience. This optional 3rd day is for educators, trainers and facilitators who want to go “behind the curtain” of the methodology behind Deep Diversity® in order to make their own educational training more impactful.

During the Deep Diversity® Facilitator Lab participants will:

  • Understand key workshop design, teaching and facilitation factors that increase the impact of diversity, inclusion and justice-based workshop.
  • Identify four common ‘traps’ that social justice educators, facilitators, and activists fall into that unconsciously re-enforce the very problems they are trying to fix.

In general, Deep Diversity® Institute is ideal for:

  • Committed advocates looking for concrete skills to deepen and move forward inclusion and equity efforts in the workplace.
  • Staffing, recruitment and general HR professionals who want a deeper understanding of how to create a more inclusive work environment to attract and retain the best people
  • Managers and administrators who want to learn skills and practices to ensure their staff is treated equitably and feel valued.
  • Organizational and school leaders looking for a comprehensive and effective approach to developing and measuring diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • Educators, trainers, and facilitators who are wary of dogmatic approaches to diversity and inclusion and want to be more effective when tackling issues of power, privilege, and equity.

Registration for the Deep Diversity Institute is now closed.

Note for registration: Select option SUSTAIN-12-SP18-1 for the 2-day Institute and add option SUSTAIN-12-SP18-2 if you are also registering for the 3rd day of Facilitation Lab.

Course Dates and Location:
May 21, 22, & 23, 2019
Washburn Heritage Room, Edgewood College, Monroe Street Campus, Madison, WI

For more information contact:
Gery Paredes, or Lisa Baker,  

We are committed to making this opportunity also available for people and organizations that need a subsidized fee in order to participate in this transformational experience.

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We wanted impactful learning in the area of diversity. The Deep Diversity Training with Anima Leadership is powerful and transformative. The way we work with each other and our families has changed in a meaningful way.
Tobie Mathews, Training & Dev., Toronto Children's Services

Shakil Choudhury

Shakil ChoudburyAs Co-Founder of Anima Leadership, Shakil Choudhury is an award-winning consultant with more than 25 years experience in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion. He has trained senior leadership teams across sectors and developed measurement tools for organizations, helping improve their diversity outcomes. Internationally, Shakil has designed and led peace-building projects for communities in conflict, specifically in Europe and South America. His book Deep Diversity®: Overcoming Us vs. Them is a practical, scientific and compassionate approach to tackling systemic discrimination. Written in a Gladwell-meets-racial-justice style, many are calling this a “breakthrough” book on racism and social identity offering an innovative approach to building more inclusive environments.  He is currently experiencing his most challenging and rewarding management experience: his two toddlers teaching him about fatherhood! For more about Shakil.