2022 Community Practitioners

Another group of beautiful and brilliant people we collaborate with for the co-creation of virtual community spaces and in-person experiences including our rooftop party, are the following local/regional  racial justice and restorative practitioners, educators, artists, authors, and advocates:

Top Row Left to Right: Abha Thakkar, Ali Brooks, Charisse Johnson, Erika Rosales.
Middle Row Left to Right: erica Kruger, Kelsey Blackwell, Libby Tucci, Lisa Baker.
Botttom Row Left to Right: Lori Gustafson, Nola Walker .

Featured Institute Practitioners

First Row Left to Right: Alejandro Miranda, Bill Baldon, Catherine Orr, Dani Rischall, Daphne Lehmu (not pictured). 
Second Row Left to Right: Emily Yang, Elena Terry, Eugenia Highland Granados, Faith Stevenson (not pictured), Gery Paredes Vasquéz (not pictured). 
Third Row Left to Right: Jay Young, Jenny Pressman, Jill W Pfeiffer, Kristy Kumar, Kyra Johnson (not pictured).
Fourth Row Left to Right: Laurel Ravelo, Laurie O’Donnell, Mel Barnes, Missy F. Tracy, Myxee Thao.
Fifth Row Left to Right: Nancy Wrenn Bauch, Nicole Safar, Rek Kwawer, Rudy Bankston, Sarah Shatz.
Sixth Row Left to Right: Sasha Lasdon, Semaj Sconiers (not pictured), Shahanna McKinney-Baldon, Shirin Kestin, Takeyla K. Benton.
Last Row Left to Right: Yanci Almonte (not pictured), Vanessa McDowell.

Featured Community Practitioners