Additional Registrant Registration

Organizations that are YWCA sponsors can benefit from the discounted rate of $150/person to register for the Racial Justice Summit. Spots will be limited. Please note this is a Virtual ticket only which includes, virtual keynotes, affinity spaces, and other events. Hybrid Tickets do not qualify for the group discount.

Please devote special attention to which email address you use to register, as it will be the primary way that we will communicate with you about how to access all components of this virtual conference. It is important that you be prepared to use the same email address across all platforms.

If you are registering more than one person at a time, please note that each registrant will be designated with their own ticket number on this page. Please ensure that you keep track of the information being entered for each registrant by the ticket number that corresponds to them. There are two areas where you will enter registrant-specific information. You will first enter general information for each registrant, and then you will be asked for more personalized information (i.e. demographics, needs, etc.). Please confirm the ticket number correlates with the intended registrant when entering this information.

This Registration Type is now closed!