Deep Dive Institutes

2019 Racial Justice Summit: Deep Dive Institutes

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YWCA Madison is inviting submissions for workshop proposals for the 2019 Racial Justice Summit, a leading regional, multiracial gathering on racial justice.  This year’s theme is Transforming Our Future. Our invitation for participants is to connect with legacies of resilience, resistance and co-liberation of individuals and communities throughout history as co-inspiration to re-imagine our lives and communities from this present-forward.

Each year, the YWCA Madison hosts a Racial Justice Summit that brings together people and organizations committed to learning about institutional racism as well as to build an ongoing practice of racial justice. We convene nationally-known keynote speakers and researchers, in addition to local experts and advocates as presenters for an audience of over 800 participants. The Summit provides a platform for community dialogue and action-envisioning for racial justice in an environment that encourages learning from and supporting each other for this common imperative in our personal lives as well as organizational roles.