Group Rate Registration

This Group Registration option offers a discount to attendees registering between 6-10 people at a time. A Group Registration ticket will include access to all Virtual Summit offerings, Art Offerings, and the Rooftop Party. Group registrations do not include access to other In-Person Gatherings on the  29th. 

If you do not have 6 or more members of your group to register with, or if you want to be able to access In-Person Gatherings on the 29th, please use this registration page instead

Please note that each registrant will receive a unique ticket number on this page. Please keep track of each registrant by their corresponding ticket number. You will enter registrant-specific information in two phases.  First, you will enter general information for each registrant. Then, you will provide personalized registrant information (i.e. demographics, needs, etc.). Please confirm that the ticket number correlates with the registrant when entering this information.

This Registration Type is now closed!