In-Person Summit Experiences

In Person Experience Offerings for the 2021 Racial Justice Summit

Pre-Conference Session on Monday, September 27 from 4pm-5:30pm:

Tour of Troy Farm for BIPOC

Hosted by: Kim Fruin, Nou Thao, Qwantese Winters, and Yusuf Bin-Rella

Tour through Troy Farm for an experiential connection to the ways that growers and practitioners are engaging racial justice practice through land-based processes. This tour is a great way to connect BIPOC folks in Madison to the farm in a way that is curated with diverse stories in mind.   Each stop on the tour will introduce you to partners, farmers, and culinarians and their projects at Troy!  Afterwards we will have a group recap over bowls of collard greens prepared by Yusuf Bin-Rella.

20 spots are available for this experience.

Sessions in the afternoon at the Monona Terrace on Wednesday, September 29


Generative Dialogue on Reimagining Pedagogy of Love in Education

Hosted by: Alyssa Ivy, Annetta Wright, Eugenia Highland Granados, Mai Neng Vang, Semaj Sconiers, and Vera Naputi

Hear from educators and restorative justice practitioners on how we can move away from superficial notions of “loving students” towards an unapologetic, radical love that fully embraces the humanity and history of students. This session will also explore liberatory possibilities of love that can transform the structures of education, as well as practices inside the classroom.

Generative Dialogue on Reimagining Safety Beyond the Carceral State

Hosted by: Dana Pellebon, Lisa Yang, Nestic Morris, and Tegan Swanson

Hear from practitioners whose scope of work is rooted in restorative justice and supporting survivors of violence about re-imagining justice outside of the punitive criminal punishment system. This will include an exploration of practices to cultivate possibilities for building emergent life-affirming systems in response to harm.

Generative Dialogue on A Path for Truth, Reconciliation, and Reparations in Wisconsin

Hosted by: Gloria Ladson Billings, Tracy Littlejohn, and Xong Xiong

This session will engage attendees in radically imagining a process for what would be needed to tell the truth about, and repair the harms that Indigenous people and the descendants of those who were enslaved have survived. It will explore a process of what reparations could look like, and how  we can engage in collective action  to pursue reparations across multiple levels of change, including the local/community and state levels.

Reimagining Us: Mindfulness-Self Care Practices as a Radical Act of Love & Transformation

Hosted by: Marcela Kyngesburye

Mindfulness is based on an understanding that life is mixed, having magnificent moments, and moments of challenge and disappointment. What is important is the way in which we meet the moments of our lives, with as much ease as possible. Participants will gain knowledge and skills in the practice of mindfulness. Time will be devoted to learning how to care for yourself and others through facets of mindfulness practice (including mindful movement). No prior mindfulness experience is required.
(This Session is now Full)

Generative Dialogue between Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) on Decolonizing Praxis

Hosted by: Choua Xiong, Faith Stevenson, Geraldine Paredes Vásquez, Kamewanukiw Paula Rabideaux, and Rudy Bankston

Co-journey with BIPOC racial and restorative justice practitioners in dialogue and decolonizing praxis on what would it mean to understand ourselves beyond the colonial and white supremacist construction of minoritized identities. We will together speak truth to the impact of internalized anti-Blackness, anti-Immigration, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia and extractivism in our bodies, relationships, communities and cultures. As well as reflect on the ways in which we can restore our interconnectedness as People of Global Majority, uplifting and voicing the liberatory worldviews, knowledges, wisdoms and practices present within our cultures and communities that can guide our healing, thriving and co-liberation.
This session is offered in race-based affinity for BIPOC


Community Circles in Race-Based Affinity

Structural racism and white supremacy culture impact our lives and communities in differentiated ways depending on our racialized intersectional identities. As a way to be responsive to this reality, our Summit will offer an array of in-person community circles for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and white people to engage in authentic relational building, reflective practice, and healing centered storytelling. These experiences of circle process will be co-facilitated by experienced racial and restorative justice practitioners for Summit attendee joining with a hybrid ticket this year.

The Connection and Healing Spaces being offered in Affinity for BIPOC are:

Community Circle for People of Global Majority (All Genders)
Hosted by: Andrew Alvaro Rasmussen, Asly Warren, Emily Peterson, and Kadijha Marquardt-Davis

Community Circle for BIPOC Women
Hosted by: Alma Mann and Natalia Hildner Armacanqui

Community Circle for BIPOC Men
Hosted by: Omar Suarez Sacramento and Saul Cortez

Community Circle for Continental Native American People
Hosted by: Erika Rosales and Kamewanukiw Paula Rabideaux

Community Circle Queer for BIPOC
Hosted by: Antoria Robbins and Laura Abellera

Dedicated Space for Black Women to Unapologetically Vibe and Rest
Hosted by: Christine Russell and the Mahogany Rooted in Wellness Team

Black Women are invited to the Mahogany Oasis to fully embrace a moment to CONNECT, CREATE, AFFIRM, ALIGN and RELEASE. Various stations will be set up from 3:15 – 4:00pm to connect 1:1 with a coach, tap into your creativity with art, and affirm who you are and who you are called to be with affirmation cards and journaling prompts.
From 4:00 – 4:45 free yourself in the Align Session which includes gentle stretches, aromatherapy, self-massage, guided visualization and rest.
We encourage you to release anything holding you back from unapologetic freedom before you enter the Oasis. There will be journaling prompts and a lock-box to aid in this practice.

The Connection and Healing Space being offered in Affinity for white attendees:

White Summit attendees will be invited to explore embodied racial justice practice in community with other white learners. This session will provide a broad framing on how embodied practice can be a direct antidote to white body supremacy and the perpetuation of white dominant ways of being. Participants will then be invited to practice with embodied presence while in small reflective processing and healing circles.

Hosted by: Erica Kruger, Heather Sorensen, Libby Tucci, Sami Clausen-Ruppert, Sara Shatz

Circle Process Supported by: Amanda Spalter, Ali Brooks, Andrea Zea, Bri Breunig, Dani Rischall, Garrett Denning, Kathi Seiden-Thomas, Lisa Baker, Mel Freitag, Nancy Wrenn Bauch, and Sara Alvarado

In-Person Experiences Open to All Summit Attendees at the Monona Terrace

The following experiences are open to Summit attendees with Hybrid, Virtual, Group, Partner, Young Adult, or Youth Tickets:

Art Exhibition by our Featured Summit Artist: Alice Traore (2pm-5pm)

The beautiful painting, Unapologetic, by Alice Traore which was inspired by the Summit themes will be on display in the Grand Terrace. Limited prints of the painting will be available for purchase.

Collectively Co-Created Altar in the Grand Terrace (2pm-5pm)

Party on the Rooftop (5pm-8pm)

Everyone is invited to engage with unapologetic joy and celebration of the future we are radically imagining, and bringing into being though our collective movements. This party will feature spoken word and dance performances, music and dance party with DJ Ace, and a cash bar. Come and party with us!

In addition to these two experiences, we will also be offering quiet reflective processing spaces and a co-created collective altar in the Grand Terrace.

COVID-19 and the In-Person Experience of the Summit

For all of our in-person experiences, we will be following the guidance of Public Health and ask that attendees wear face coverings while gathering indoors. COVID-19 vaccinations are highly encouraged for in-person Summit attendees. Hand sanitation will be readily available, and we have adjusted our capacities and space planning to allow for more space among participants while in sessions.

Important Note: While it is our intention to offer in-person experiences for hybrid ticket attendees on the 29th,  the health and safety of our attendees is our priority. Therefore, if the CDC or other Public Health officials recommend we pivot our plans for any reason, we will do so. This could mean further reducing the capacity of people per in-person session, or shifting these offerings to a virtual modality. If this alternative would not work for you, please contact Jill Pfeiffer to explore other options.