Keynote Speakers

In the 2020 reality of COVID-19, as well as the immense shift in the national conversation around racism and the need for systemic change following the uprisings in defense of Black Life, we intend to build on the experiences of prior Summits to offer a virtual gathering place for even deeper learning, vision casting, and movement. Inviting you on a journey of reflection, learning, and community building for action.


Featured Keynote Speakers

Circles of Community Learning, Practice and Action (CCLPA)

This year’s Summit will offer online community spaces for Summit participants to deepen their learning, practice, and action within a deliberate race-based affinity group and/or a chosen area of work or field of practice. These spaces will be offered at designated time blocks on October 1st. as well as count with access to our Sutra online platform for support and communication. Participants will be asked to sign up for up to two of these spaces by completing a survey via email in the following days after registration.

Featured Artists