Virtual Summit Schedule

Schedule for Virtual Experiences of Racial Justice Summit 2021

Tuesday, September 28th

AM Block
[9am – 11am]
(In Zoom)
Pre-Conference & Orientation Community Grounding in race based affinity


PM Block
[2pm – 4pm]
(In Hopin)
Opening Keynote Address from Valarie Kaur

Wednesday, September 29th

AM Block
[9am – 11am]
(In Hopin)
Virtual Generative Dialogue on ReImagining Us with:
Darnell Moore, Mia Mingus, Dr. Joy DeGruy, and Tom DeWolf
Facilitated Virtual Connection, Processing, and Healing Spaces
[2pm – 3pm] Open to Everyone:
Connection for Community Organizers and Activists
Hosted by: Amber West from Leaders Igniting Transformation  
[3:15 – 4:45pm]
(In Zoom)

The Zoom links to access
these sessions will be
pinned as comments in the corresponding Sessions in Hopin.
Connection and Healing Spaces being offered in Affinity for BIPOC are:
Community Circle for BIPOC(All Genders)
Hosted by: Aislinn Hernandez and Ananda MirilliCommunity Circle for Black Women
Hosted by: Kiana Burnette and Zakiyyah SorensenDisability Empowerment Affinity for BIPOC
(For BIPOC Who Identify as Disabled or having a disability)
Hosted by: Nancy Yang and Shirin Kestin

Community Circle for BIPOC Men
Hosted by: Camden Hargrove and Orion Wells

(At Monona Terrace)

In person offerings at Monona Terrace open for ALL Summit Attendees:

Art exhibition by Alice Traore at the Grand Terrace (2pm-5pm)

Collectively Co-Created Altar in the Grand Terrace (2pm-5pm)
(There will also be opportunity to contribute to a Virtual Altar in Sessions in Hopin)

BIPOC Creators and Justice Initiatives at Promenade Hall (2pm-5pm)

Rooftop Party featuring Spoken Word and Dance Performances plus music by DJ Ace! (5pm-8pm)

Thursday, September 30th

AM Block
[9am – 10:30am]
(In Hopin)
Keynote Address on Transformative Justice from Mariame Kaba
Mid-Day Block
[12pm – 1pm]
(In Hopin)
Generative Dialogue on Radical Imagination between intersectional youth organizers Mirm Hurula, Tokata Iron Eyes and Raelyn Williams with adrienne maree brown
PM Block
[2pm – 3:30pm]
(In Hopin)
Closing youth-led experience of abolitionist practice by Cosmic Possibilities youth organizers Baylor Andrews, Erin Kong, Miguel Ramirez, Naira Luke-Alemán, Sadé Swift


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