Racial Justice Workshops

Looking at culture through the lens of race, YWCA Madison offers this educational training to broaden intercultural and interracial awareness and to improve intercultural and interracial communication.

By examining and assessing how racism impacts and is perpetuated at the structural level, participants and organizations develop a critical consciousness which is the basis for action planning and implementation regarding the elimination of racism and creating multicultural organizations.

This programming focuses on advancing and enhancing the knowledge of people committed to challenging racism in the United States. Through shared self-inquiry and analysis, we explore race-based privilege and its impact on and cost to every member of our society.

Racial Justice Workshops Descriptions

All sessions will be held from 8:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at YWCA Madison’s Empowerment Center located at 2040 S. Park Street. Purchased individually, each workshop is $100. Attend all three levels and save $50.

Certificate Program

For an intensive and cumulative learning experience, the YWCA offers a Racial Justice Certificate program for participants who attend all three of the Racial Justice course levels and complete reading and online assignments between the courses. We recommend, but do not require, that participants attend the courses in order of their levels (ie: 100, 200, then 300).

Participants who would like to achieve a YWCA Racial Justice Certificate will be asked to complete the online curriculum, preferably before the first session. After enrolling in the Certificate Program, participants will be given a link to all of the required readings. Assignments include approximately 20-30 pages of reading following each session and the expectation that participants will reflect on both classes and readings in a journal. Certificate program participants will be required to attend an additional hour of discussion on their final class session to review journal entries with fellow certificate program participants.

Workshop Calendar

Fall 2018 Series

  • Communicating Across Cultures: Level 100—October 31, 2018
  • Deconstructing Racism: Level 200—November 7, 2018
  • Exploring Privilege: Level 300—November 14, 2018