Restorative Justice Workshops

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YWCA Madison offers three-day professional development training workshops for educators, community members and parents. Restorative Justice staff presented the first training in August 2015. To register for the Restorative Justice Workshops, be notified about future workshop dates or if you have additional questions, please email Eugenia Highland Granados.

During our intensive three days Restorative Justice Training Series, we will learn and unlearn many things including:

  • Level 100 – Restorative Justice Philosophy, roots, and the experiential Circle Process: YWCA experiential holistic framework, Values, Circle Process and its different elements. Mindfulness as a restorative liberatory practice.
  • Level 200 – Restorative Justice as a Way to Dismantle Institutional Racism and the school to prison pipeline: Culture, Power, timeline, and history of years of inequality, freedom and abolitionist dreaming. 
  • Level 300 – Restorative and Transformative Justice is an abolitionist Movement: What is Restorative and Transformative justice? We will also engage in learning about different universal restorative justice practices with a healing-centered engagement as a way to build healthy relationships, create just and equitable environments, and transform and repair conflict.

Workshop Calendar

Please plan to attend all three sessions within each Restorative Justice Training offering listed below. Click the title for the dates you are interested in attending to learn more and to sign up.

Restorative Justice in Education training series – In-person:

  • August 9th (100), 11th (200), 12th (300)
    Each day 8:30 am – 4:00 pm with a break for lunch
    Registration is now closed for this training.

Restorative Justice School-Based & Community Training series – Virtual:

  • August 16th (100), 18th (200), 19th (300)
    Each day 8:30 – 11:30 am  & 1:00 – 4:00 pm
    Registration is now closed for this training.

Restorative Justice Community Training series – In-Person:

  • September 13th (100), 15th (200), 16th (300)
    Each day 8:30 am-4:00 pm with a break for lunch