Race & Gender Equity

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YWCA Madison’s Race & Gender Equity programs support people and organizations to interrupt institutionalized racism and sexism while developing knowledge and skills to center, deepen and broaden equity and inclusion in their personal, professional, and organizational practices.  

For more than 18 years, YWCA Madison has been offering opportunities for race and gender equity learning in community.
YWCA Madison’s philosophy for learning and organizational transformation is holistic, restorative, systemic, collaborative, and experiential.
  • Holistic: Learning and transformation is multilayered: taking place at the levels of the self, relationships, collective cultures (e.g. neighborhood, organization), as well as at the level of structural society (public policies supported by private actions).
  • Restorative: Healing is rooted in the transformation of conflict into opportunities for personal, relational, collective and structural learning for co-liberation.
  • Systemic: Learning and transformation needs to facilitate the understanding of how present inequities and racism are not isolated incidents but a result of multiple inequitable processes reinforcing each other.
  • Collaborative: Learning and transformation is empowering when engaging people as co-creators of their own understandings and practice.
  • Experiential: Embodied as well as emotional learning are as vital as content based learning for authentic and sustainable transformation.
Our range of services include direct facilitation, consultation support, curricula development, professional development, and capacity building for people and organizations committed to deepening their race and gender equity practices.

Racial Justice Programs

Gender Equity Programs