Creating Equitable Organizations

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In “The Business Case for Racial Equity” (2013), the Kellogg Foundation states: “research has shown that businesses with a more diverse workforce have more customers, higher revenues and profits, greater market share, less absenteeism and turnover, and a higher level of commitment to their organization” (p. 5). We invite you to partner with the YWCA Madison to cultivate a thriving and diverse organizational culture. YWCA Madison offers a variety of training opportunities to help companies create more culturally-competent workplaces. Training can be customized for your organization and covers a variety of topics, including basic cultural competency and cross-cultural communication skills, understanding racial inequalities and disparities, and exploring the roles we can all play in advancing equal access to opportunity. We tailor the length and intensity of training to fit your organization’s needs. Some popular options include half- or full-day training, Creating Equitable and Inclusive Organizations training (see below), or consultation appointments with your staff to assist them in developing tools for ongoing programming. YWCA provides local businesses with the tools needed to create sustainable diverse workplaces, for more long-term partnership options please click here.

Multicultural Organization Developmental Model

Well-intended diversity initiatives often fall short of desired outcomes. While increasing awareness, most don’t create significant, sustainable organizational change. In this training, employees will explore the Multicultural Organization Developmental strategic organizational change model to learn how businesses can create inclusive organizations through systemic, long-term culture change.

Services and Fee Schedule

For more information, contact our Race & Gender Equity Director, Geraldine Paredes Vasquez via email, or by phone at 608-395-2177.