Creating Equitable Organizations

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Organizational Change that centers racial equity and inclusion is necessarily an ongoing process. Dismantling the manifestations of systems of oppression within our organizations requires honesty as well as intentional  intervention and ongoing work.

In the Creating Equitable Organizations full-day workshop, our team facilitates an exercise in honesty in which you have the opportunity to explore of what is currently true about your organizational culture. In this way, we are able to elucidate what you will need to attend and respond to in order to engage in the process of organizational transformation that is centered in Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity with an emphasis on Racial Justice.

Initially, we spend time collectively establishing the truly brave environment that is required for participants to step into a place of honesty and willingness to share their perspectives and experiences with the organization.

We then provide a framework for understanding areas in which Equity and Inclusion have the opportunity to play out:

  • in your Values and Beliefs
  • in the Mindsets that are present
  • in your Behaviors, Norms and Practices
  • in the Outcomes and Events that define who you are to the external world

We then explore some of the behavioral manifestations of white supremacy culture within organizations as well as identify some of the existing mindsets that do, or do not contribute to doing the work of pursuing organizational equity, and their manifestations within your day-to-day functioning.

With this foundation, we then spend time delving into what is currently true about your organization. The information that emerges from this portion of the workshop is the starting place for the ongoing work of organizational transformation.

Following this workshop, we recommend that you assemble a group of people–what we call the Change Team–who will hold and drive the ongoing engagement and efforts driving the change process. This is a service leadership opportunity for staff of the organization, and the team is essential to ensuring there is continual energy being put into transformation.

Our approach to co-facilitation and learning is holistic, restorative, collaborative, and experiential; and we believe in Transformative (rather than Transactional) Change. One of the ways that we see this approach and belief impacting our work with organizations is that we have found that it can often be helpful for organizations to have a facilitated shared experience in which we explore some foundational elements for understanding the System of Racial Inequity in the United States prior to diving in to the exploration of your internal organizational culture. It is possible that we may recommend engaging in a workshop of this kind in order to be able to fully take advantage of the Creating Equitable Organizations workshop.

If you are interested the Creating Equitable Organizations process and would like to find out more about next steps, please contact our Race & Gender Equity Coordinator, Libby Tucci via email, or by phone at 608-395-2192.

Please also make sure to check out options for partnership that we offer for longer-term support of your organizational change process.