2018 Summit: Reclaiming Our Story (Archive)

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2018 Racial Justice Summit

Reclaiming Our Story

The Summit theme this year was Reclaiming Our Story. The national and political narrative is generally controlled by the dominant culture – which leads to most voices and experiences being silenced. At the Summit this year, we explored what it would look like and how it may be possible to reclaim our story to advance racial justice, healing, and reconciliation. Keynotes and break-out sessions offered participants the opportunity to connect to this theme. Featured keynotes included Adrienne Keene, Yosimar Reyes, Shakti Butler, Bettina Love, and Reanae McNeal. Their presentations included a combination of traditional keynotes, spoken word, film, music, and performance art as we explored different mediums that we can use to Reclaim Our Stories.

2018 Keynote Presenters

Dr. Adrienne Keene

The Strange Case of the Hipster Headdress: Reclaiming Indigenous Representations

Dr. Adrienne Keene (Cherokee Nation) is a Native scholar, writer, blogger, and activist, and is passionate about reframing how the world sees contemporary Native cultures.

Yosimar Reyes

UndocuJoy: Shifting the Perspective in Undocumented Representation

Yosimar Reyes is a nationally-acclaimed poet, educator, performance artist, and speaker. Born in Guerreo, Mexico, and raised in Eastside San Jose, Reyes explores the themes of migration and sexuality in his work.

Shakti Butler, Ph.D.

Reclaiming our Souls: Narratives of Transformative Love, Consciousness and Radical Healing as Political Acts for Social Justice

Shakti Butler, Ph.D., filmmaker and Founder & President of World Trust, is a dynamic educator in the field of diversity and racial equity. Dr. Butler engages audiences with participatory keynotes and workshops, often using clips from her films.

Dr. Bettina Love

We Gon’ Be Alright, But That Ain’t Alright: Abolitionist Teaching and the Pursuit of Educational Freedom

Dr. Bettina L. Love is an award-winning author and Associate Professor of Educational Theory & Practice at the University of Georgia.

Reanae McNeal

African Native American Women: Blood at the Roots

Reanae McNeal is an award-winning international performing artist, inspirational speaker, acclaimed vocalist, oral HERstorian, visual artist, griotess (storyteller), performing art poet, and cultural activist.

Keynote Presentation Videos

Adrienne Keen Keynote and Yosimar Reyes Presentation Dr. Bettina Love Keynote Reanae McNeal Presentation

CEU and CLE Information

The Wisconsin Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers has approved the Racial Justice Summit for Continuing Education Hours, including the Post-Summit Institutes. Up to 10.75 CEUs can be earned at the Summit. In order to receive a CE Certificate, you would have needed to ensure that you signed-in on the provided sheet in each of your breakout sessions and institutes, as well as respond to the electronic evaluation which was sent out to attendees via email following the event on Tuesday, October 9, 2018.

The Wisconsin Court System has approved the Racial Justice Summit for Continuing Legal Education credit hours. Up to 11.0 credit hours can be earned at the Summit.

Breakout Presentations/Materials

Below please find the presentation or additional materials used in the various breakout sessions held at this year’s Racial Justice Summit. These materials are made available at the discretion of the breakout presenter/facilitator. We will continue to update this page as materials are made available.

AM1: How Do We Heal

Presenter: Shakti Butler

AM2: Native Representations, Pop Culture, and Cultural Resistance in Cyberspace

Presenter: Adrienne Keene

AM3: Reclaiming Our Story: Conversations about White Supremacy, White Privilege, and Oppression

Presenter: Dr. Eddie Moore

AM3 Presentation

AM4: Reframing the Narrative: Transformative Storytelling Skills for Social Justice

Presenter: Anjali Misra

AM4 Presentation

AM5: From Tejop to Madison: The Whole Story of Our City

Presenter: Missy Tracy and Kyla H.S. Beard

AM5 Presentation

AM6: Justified Anger Presents: Wisconsin’s Black History

Presenters: Rev. Dr. Alexander Gee, Jr. and Christy Clark-Pujara

AM6 Presentation

AM7: Centering Race in Sexual Violence Response and Prevention

Presenters: Nestic Morris and Jessi Corcoran

AM7 Presentation

AM8: Women Against Hate United by Love

Presenter: Kelly Parks Snider and Jessica Cavazos

AM9: Roadmap to Equity: The Story of a Movement

Presenters: Erica Nelson, Dr. Michelle Robinson, and Christin Calloway

AM9 Presentation

AM10: The Untold History of African Americans in Finance

Presenters: Opal Tomashevska and Alicia Chaney

AM10 Presentation

AM11: Deconstructing Racism (Part One): The History of the Racial Wealth Divide

Presenters: Eric Kestin and Donna Mackey

AM12: Tell Our Stories Better Please: Journalists, Policymakers and the Narratives about Race that Dominate

Panelists: Vanessa McDowell (CEO of YWCA), Sue Robinson (Helen Franklin Firstbrook Professor of Journalism), Henry Sanders (Founder of Madison365), Karen Michel (Editor at Madison Magazine), and Milele Chikasa Anana (Publisher of Umoja Magazine)
Moderator: Toya Washington (Anchor, WISN 12)

PM1: We Never Needed Papers to Thrive

Presenter: Yosimar Reyes

PM2: The N!gga(er) Word: Is There a Message in the Madness?

Presenter: Dr. Eddie Moore

PM3: Historical Trauma: The Intersection of Trauma and Race

Presenter: Rebecca Ramirez

PM3 Presentation

PM4: Counteracting the Marginalization of Muslim Love: Redefining the Narrative of Intimacy, Modesty, and Choice

Presenters: Mouna Algahaithi, Sedgwick Smith, Maria Ahmad, and Syed Umar Warsi

PM4 Presentation

PM5: LOVE WI: Storytelling Bridges to Inclusive Learning

Presenters: Annette Miller, Megan Monday,and Jet Waller

PM5 Presentation

PM6: Justified Anger Presents: Reconstruction, Deconstruction, and Jim Crow

Presenters: Rev. Dr. Alexander Gee, Jr. and Christy Clark-Pujara

PM6 Presentation

PM7: Let’s Talk About Race! How to use Language, Stories, Data, and Research to Communicate Effectively and Advance Racial Justice

Presenters: Wenona Wolf, Michelle Robinson, and Chet Agni

PM7 Presentation

PM8: Restorative Justice in the Workplace: Building an Inclusive and Culturally Responsive Community that Honors the Personal Power of all its Members

Presented by: Eugina Highland and Alí Treviño Murphy

PM8 Presentation

PM9: Claim to Motherhood: Intersectionality, Health, Culture, and Imagined Capacities of Teen Mothers

Presenter: Jasmia Hamilton

PM9 Presentation

PM10: Disrupting Midwest Nice and the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Presenters: Angela Russell and Jordan Bingham

PM10 Presentation

PM11: Deconstructing Racism(Part Two): The House We Live In

Presenters: Jacquelyn Boggess and Nancy Wrenn-Bauch

PM12: Screening of Shakti Butler’s Film: Healing Justice

Presenters: Shakti Butler, Ph.D.

S1: Respect the Process: Examining Our Social Justice Perspectives

Presenter: Bettina Love

S2: African/African Native American/African American Storytelling

Presenter: Reanae McNeal

S3: Art as Political Response: A Screening & Discussion of Janelle Monáe’s Dirty Computer

Presenters: Dr. Sami Schalk and Emerald Rutledge

S3 Presentation

S4: Uncovering Unconscious Dominance

Presenters: Owen Karcher and Chelsea O’Neil Karcher

S4 Presentation

S5: Nuestras Historias/Our Stories: Oral Histories—A Closer Look of Our Experiences

Presenters: Araceli Esparza and Nadya Mariam

S5 Presentation

S6: Justified Anger Presents: From Reparations to Resilience

Presenters: Rev. Dr. Alexander Gee, Jr. and Prof. Steve Kantrowitz

S6 Presentation

S7: Healing Our Land, Our Bodies, and Our Communities: The Intersection of Environment, Health, and Indigenous Communities

Presenters: Wenona Wolf, Jacklyn Velasquez, and Matt Dannenberg

S7 Presentation

S8: African Americans Who Received Special Education Services and Succeeded Beyond Expectations

Presenter: Dr. Shawn Robinson

S8 Presentation

S9: True Lies and False Truths: Debunking Myths about Madison Hip-Hop

Presenters: Karen Reece, ShaH Evans, Corey Whitmore, and Pacal ‘DJ Pain 1’ Bayley

S9 Presentation

S10: Beyond the “Other” Box: Understanding the Unsung Stories of Mixed Race/Multi-Ethnic Youth

Presenters: Stephanie Campbell, Sophia Dodge,
and Katie Lawlor

S10 Presentation

S11: The Megaphone: Storytelling for a Sustainable Future

Presenters: Gloria Castillo and Mario García Sierra

S11 Presentation

S12: Transracial: Not a White Woman’s Word.

Presenters: Rosita González and Grace Newton

S12 Presentation


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