Virtual Community Spaces

The first two days of the Racial Justice Summit, September 28 and 29, will offer virtual spaces for community building, reflection, and processing between attendees. We hope these spaces will support people in making meaning of the knowledge, invitations, and practices extended by our Virtual Keynote Speakers. Read more about our Keynote Speakers here.

All Virtual Community Spaces can be found in the Sessions section in HopIn and will be offered in three ways:

Intersectional Race Based Communities

Gatherings of people who share racialized identities are opportunities to be responsive to the fact that the system of racial inequity impacts each of us differently. This differentiated impact means that we are called to engage in differentiated learning, unlearning, and practice. 

People who have been racialized as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) will have opportunities to gather with others who have been racialized similarly with the intention to support healing, engage in reckoning, create intentional community, and power building with each other.  

People who have been racialized as white will have opportunities to gather with others to engage in curiosity around their identity as racialized beings, to reflect  on the ways that white dominance is present in their lives, and how they can practice accountability as part of their ongoing healing and racial justice journey. 

Intersectional Race-Based Community Spaces will be facilitated and are always an invitation, not mandatory. Each person can  choose what is a healthy growth edge in their journey.

**Please note that if you did not provide your race at registration you will only have access to community spaces that are open to everyone.

Embodied and Creative Reflection Processes

In response to the fact that people learn, unlearn, and process in different ways, we will offer facilitated spaces which will include movement, mindfulness/presence practices, and reflection through creative processes. 

Creative reflective process could include poetry, visual arts, reflective writing, or other forms of creative expression. 

No previous experience with any of these practices is required for these spaces.

Drop In MeetUp Spaces in Areas of Intersectional Justice Practice

Racial justice movement building is linked and interwoven with many other dimensions of movements for justice. 

Summit attendees will have the opportunity to drop into these non-facilitated meetup spaces to make connections between their ongoing racial justice practice and communities working for restorative justice, gender justice, immigration justice, disability justice, climate justice, and more. 

Meet Up Spaces are open throughout the duration of the Summit, and attendees can drop in and connect with each other beyond the specific times designated for virtual community spaces during the event.

Summit attendees will not need to pre-register for virtual community spaces. However, they will need to  have completed the general Summit Registration Form with information about their identities, field of work, and areas of practice. This information will support us in making our best effort in planning for Summit experiences that are as responsive and meaningful as possible.

Attendees will receive information about how to access these spaces in their Summit booklet, as well as directly at the HopIn platform during the two virtual days of our Summit. 

Important Note: Intersectional Race Based Virtual Community Spaces will NOT be available for attendees with a Virtual Keynotes Only Ticket or an In-Person Only Ticket.